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Combat Test

Java Edition

Planned release date


Development versions

Changes to combat mechanics are currently in development.[1][2][3][4][5] Five snapshots have been released on Reddit and are not found in the launcher. While these snapshots are development versions for a future version, they are just forks of 1.14.x and 1.15.x releases and do not contain much newer content, these changes will not be a major focus of any future major update but will instead just be added when the new combat system is finalized.[2]



  • New attribute: generic.attackReach.
    • Represents the attack reach of a player.
    • Only used by players.
    • Default base: 3.0; minimum: 0.0; maximum: 6.0.
      • Value is the number of blocks away the player can attack from.
    • Weapon modifier now modifies generic.attackReach with Operation 0 and UUID 26cb07a3-209d-4110-8e10-1010243614c8.
  • Added a "Combat Reach" parameter (using attribute generic.combatReach) to swords, hoes and tridents.
  • Added a "Coyote Time" that activates for a fraction of a second after a player aims at something, but attacks outside its bounding box.
  • Added the Chopping enchantment for axes.[3]
  • All damage enchantments can be applied to axes in the enchanting table.
  • Added a "Shield Indicator" option that displays when the shield is active, similar to the attack indicator.[3]
    • Found in video settings, the available options are "OFF", "Crosshair" or "Hotbar".
  • Added an option to enable or disable the use-shield-on-crouch.
    • Located in the Accessibility menu.



  • Increased attack speed for all axes to 2 (0.5 seconds).
  • All axes are weaker and deal 1♥ more damage than their sword counterparts.
  • Always disable shields for 1.6 seconds (32 game ticks), instead of having a 25% to disable them for 5 seconds (100 game ticks).
  • Now take 1 damage point when attacking instead of 2.
  • Nerfed reach, down to 2.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Now have a 4-tick cooldown.
  • Changed the attack speed for most hoes:
    • Wooden: 2 (0.5s); stone: 2.5 (0.4 seconds); iron: 3 (0.33 seconds); diamond and gold: 3.5 (0.28 seconds).
  • Changed the damage dealt for hoes of iron and diamond: 3♥♥.
  • Buffed attack reach to 3.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Increased attack speed for all pickaxes to 2.5 (0.4 seconds).
  • Nerfed damage for all pickaxes by 1♥.
  • Nerfed reach, down to 2.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Removed warm-up delay from shields (0.25-second activation cooldown).
  • When in the off-hand, shields will activate when sneaking.
    • Attacking while crouching will disable the shield during the attack.
      • Shield is re-enabled after the weapon has reached 200% charge.
  • Shields no longer knockback attackers when they block.
  • The arc of available protection has been decreased to 100 degrees instead of 180 degrees (i.e., attacks from outside this arc of 100° will not be blocked).
  • Increased attack speed for all shovels to 2 (0.5 seconds).
  • Decreased damage for all shovels by 1♥.
  • Nerfed reach, down to 2.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Increased attack speed for all swords to 3 (0.33 seconds).
  • Nerfed damage for most swords by 1♥ and by 2♥ to stone swords.
  • Reach is unchanged.
  • Increased attack speed to 2 (0.5 seconds).
  • Decreased melee damage from 9♥♥♥♥♥ to 7♥♥♥♥.
  • Buffed attack reach to 3.5 blocks, was 3.
  • Can now be shot from dispensers.
  • Tridents with Loyalty that fall into the void will return to its owner.
  • Tridents with Impaling now deal enchantment damage to all mobs that are in water or rain.
  • Now stack to 64.
  • Now have a 4-tick cooldown.
  • Can once again, deal knockback to players.
Tool Axe Hoe Pickaxe Shovel Sword
Damage Speed Reach Damage Speed Reach Damage Speed Reach Damage Speed Reach Damage Speed Reach
Wood 5♥♥♥ 2 3 2♥ 2 4 3♥♥ 2.5 3 2♥ 2 3 4♥♥ 3 3.5
Gold 5♥♥♥ 2 3 2♥ 3.5 4 3♥♥ 2.5 3 2♥ 2 3 4♥♥ 3 3.5
Stone 5♥♥♥ 2 3 2♥ 2.5 4 3♥♥ 2.5 3 2♥ 2 3 4♥♥ 3 3.5
Iron 6♥♥♥ 2 3 3♥♥ 3 4 4♥♥ 2.5 3 3♥♥ 2 3 5♥♥♥ 3 3.5
Diamond 7♥♥♥♥ 2 3 3♥♥ 3.5 4 5♥♥♥ 2.5 3 4♥♥ 2 3 6♥♥♥ 3 3.5

Non-mob entities[edit]

  • No longer trigger a player or mob invulnerability timer, which means that Multishot can hit and deal damage to the same mob with all three arrows.
  • Arrow uncertainty value has been decreased from 1.0 to 0.25, increasing accuracy.
Thrown eggs and snowballs
  • Not rendered for the first 2 ticks to prevent screen flickering.


  • Different weapons and items have different attack ranges, all separate from the block breaking reach. Weapon reach is always active.
    • The amount of blocks the weapon can reach is equal to its block reach value + 1.25 blocks; for example, an item with a reach value of 3.5 can reach 4.75 blocks in total.
    • Swords have a weapon reach of 3, tridents and hoes have a weapon reach of 3.5, and all other items have a reach of 2.5, all reduced from 3.
  • The attack timer can now be charged to 200%.
    • The attack timer reaches 200% after the recharging animation of the sword is fully complete.
    • A 190%[6] charge is required for the sweep attack.
    • A 190%[6] charge increase by 0.5 blocks the reach.
  • Weapons with shorter cooldowns give victims a shorter attack invulnerability time (invincibility frames).
  • The attack key can be held down to automatically attack when the attack meter is full.
    • Attacks only happen when it is at 120% charge, slower than if attacks were timed.
  • It is now possible to hit through non-full-sized blocks such as grasses and flowers.
  • The attack timer is now unaffected by switching items, only resetting when the player actually performs an attack.
  • Changed the swing animation to emphasize the rhythm of the attacks.[more information needed]
  • Changed how the attack indicator works.
    • When on crosshair mode:
      • The meter only appears after the attack is 100% recharged, showing the progress of reaching 200% charge instead.
      • The "+" now only appears below the attack indicator when at 200% charge.
    • When on hotbar mode:
      • Only appears after the attack is 100% recharged, showing the progress of reaching 200% charge instead.
  • High saturation no longer gives a fast regeneration boost.
  • Changed food eating speed from 32 game ticks (1.6 seconds) to 40 game ticks (2 seconds).
  • The player now naturally regenerates health when above a hunger level of 6 () instead of 17 ().
  • The player now naturally heals every 60 game ticks (3 seconds) instead of every 80 game ticks (4 seconds).
  • Natural healing now always drains food points.
    • Saturation is not used when healing damage, and is only relevant as a "pause" until food drains.[more information needed]
  • The player can now sprint at any hunger value.
  • Knockback resistance is now on a scale instead of being random.
  • Reintroduced upwards knockback when hitting players or mobs in the air.
Sweep attack
  • Performing a sweep attack now requires the Sweeping Edge enchantment.
  • Now requires the attack timer to be at 200%.
  • Is now performed regardless of whether an entity is hit.


  • Attacking with the player's bare fist now deals 2♥ instead of 1♥, to match the behavior in Bedrock Edition.


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