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Java Edition Combat Test 5

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Minecraft Combat Test 5
Release Combat Test 5.png

Java Edition



Release date

January 16, 2020

Snapshot for

Combat Tests


Client (.json[note 1])

Obfuscation maps


Protocol version


Data version


Combat Test 5 is the fifth experimental version of a future combat revision.[1][2] Although it is a development version for a future release, this combat experiment is a fork of 1.15.2 Pre-release 2. This version was released on Reddit and, but it does not appear in the launcher.



  • Added a "Coyote Time" that activates for a fraction of a second after a player aims at something, but attacks outside its bounding box.



Tools and weapons
  • Lowered the attack damage of most tools and weapons, as shown in the following table:
Tool Axe Pickaxe Shovel Sword
Before Now Before Now Before Now Before Now
Wood 6♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 3♥♥ 3♥♥ 2♥ 2♥ 5♥♥♥ 4♥♥
Gold 6♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 3♥♥ 3♥♥ 2♥ 2♥ 5♥♥♥ 4♥♥
Stone 7♥♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 4♥♥ 3♥♥ 3♥♥ 2♥ 6♥♥♥ 4♥♥
Iron 8♥♥♥♥ 6♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 4♥♥ 4♥♥ 3♥♥ 7♥♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥
Diamond 9♥♥♥♥♥ 7♥♥♥♥ 6♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 5♥♥♥ 4♥♥ 8♥♥♥♥ 6♥♥♥
  • Now have an attack damage of 7♥♥♥♥, instead of 8♥♥♥♥.

Non-mob entities[edit]

Thrown eggs
  • Now have a 4-tick cooldown.


  • High saturation no longer gives a fast regeneration boost.
  • Changed food eating speed from 32 game ticks (1.6 seconds) to 40 game ticks (2 seconds).
  • The player now naturally regenerates health when above a hunger level of 6 () instead of 18 ( × 9).
  • The player now naturally heals every 60 game ticks (3 seconds) instead of every 80 game ticks (4 seconds).
  • Natural healing now always drains food points.
    • Saturation is not used when healing damage, and is only relevant to other actions that drain the hunger bar.
  • The player can now sprint at any hunger value.
  • Reintroduced upwards knockback when hitting players in the air.
  • Players now get knockback from hits that deal less than half a heart of damage, including no damage.


Video made by slicedlime:


  1. Unzip this file in the .minecraft/versions folder.


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