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Java Edition

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Release date

June 13, 2009


Original: Server
Reupload: Unavailable

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of 1.4
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This version is currently missing.
While this version is known to exist it is missing from the launcher and has not been archived elsewhere, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post on the talk page.

1.4 was a server version of Java Edition Classic released on June 13, 2009,[1] at 13:30 UTC.[2]




  • The server now checks all incoming strings, verifies that they are all within reasonable limits, and kicks the sender if they are not.[1]
  • Server output is now logged in file server.log[4]


  • Fixed an exploit where people could crash everyone connected to a server by sending a fake text message.[1]
    • The client would gladly attempt to render weird unicode characters, but would crash when trying to look up entry ten thousand in a 256 entry array.[1]


Server 1.4 was reuploaded at 14:22 UTC[5] (52 minutes after release) to fix a bug where the player could click outside of the map.[6][7]


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  • June 14 IRC logs: IRC logs on; #minecraft.20090614.log. June 14, 2009 (UTC−5).
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