Java Edition Classic 0.30 (Survival)

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0.30 is a version of Classic released on November 10, 2009.[1] This is the survival variant of 0.30, and was released along with its Creative Variant. It is not available in the launcher, but has been archived elsewhere. This is also the last version of the Survival Test, and of Minecraft Classic.


  • Hitting an active TNT block defuses it and lets you pick it up.
  • Explosions no longer produce smoke particles
  • Removed online saving for free accounts.
  • Drastically improved world generation time - previously, generating a new world could take up to 2 minutes. From 0.30 onwards, generating a new world only takes a few seconds.


  • Blocks now drop themselves
  • Sheep hitbox fixed (no longer has areas that you can hit through)
  • TNT no longer disappears upon being hit


While little is known about the development of this version, there were many "post" versions of 0.30 that were never released/only released for private testing, and included features that would be included later in the game.