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0.30 refers to several unreleased builds of post-Classic/pre-Indev showcased by Notch on his blog. These are different from the Creative and Survival 0.30 versions and show features and testing of features to be included in Indev.

MD3 mob models test (December 8, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post, YouTube video

  • MD3 player model test
  • In survival mode
  • Various mobs added, using models from the game "Quake".

Finite water (December 19, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • Added a primitive form of finite water
    • Water would only spread sideways if the entire layer below it was a solid lake.
    • Later removed due to buggy behavior.
  • Water now has an animated side texture.

Shadow test (December 19, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • Added circular shadows underneath mobs and players
  • Rana first seen
  • When playing in survival, the player now spawns with 99 stone, 99 water and 99 lava.[verify] This persists into early Indev.

Dynamic lighting testing (December 19, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • Early work started on dynamic lighting.
    • Per-block light value implemented, but blocks cannot yet emit or reflect light.
    • Issue: Fog in caves appears white.

Wall-hack protection (December 19, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • Implemented a form of wall-hack protection.
    • Server will check if there is enough space to walk through an area.
    • Due to latency issues, the player will get teleported back sometimes if the player runs past another player who managed to place a tile in front of the player.

Dynamic lighting (December 22, 2009)[edit]


  • Dynamic lighting added
  • This version was created a day before the release of Indev 20091223, or at least, was first shown & mentioned then. It is very possible this version is actually a test build for that version (some test builds do use the version number of the previous version), rather than a post-release testing build of 0.30, however this is not confirmed in any way.