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Not to be confused with Classic 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST.
Pigs in the August 22 build.

Classic 0.24 refers to blog posts and YouTube videos released during the development of Classic showcased by Notch.[1] They show in-development features later included in 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST and later releases.

Resource management test (August 4, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • General
    • Resource management
      • Breaking blocks allows you to pick them up and place them, thus adding and removing from inventory.
      • Infinite stack size limit in inventory.
    • Background music first added.
  • Textures
    • The texture used by both the player and human mob was changed to no longer include a goatee as many players confused it with a smile.
  • Removals
    • Removed the ability to spawn humans by pressing G.[verify]
    • Removed creative mode.

Mob armor test (August 13, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • General
    • Not much is known about this version other than it added armor and added the 3D anaglyph mode. It is unknown how the armor worked in this version, the only known screenshot shows Steve wearing armor, but it is unknown if this was a screenshot taken in multiplayer mode, if it was a dummy test mob, or if it was the Steve mob as seen in previous versions.
  • Additions.
    • 3D anaglyph mode.
    • Armor.

Monsters test (August 14, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post, YouTube video

  • Additions
    • Zombie and skeleton mobs
      • No collision.
      • Do not attack.
      • Spawn with random armor.
  • Changes
    • Mouse button held down to break blocks (cracks cover the surface until it busts).
    • Gathering resources has an animation of block bobbing up.

Health test (August 18, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • General
    • Armor mechanics are mentioned in the blog post, but it is unknown if they were present in this version.
  • Additions
    • Health bar.
    • Fall damage.

Sign test (August 20, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

  • Additions
    • Droppable signs while pressing B with preset text saying: "This is the test of the signs. Each line can be 15 chars!".
  • Changes
    • Health bar now blinks when damage is received.
    • Mobs are invulnerable for a few seconds after being hit.
    • If the player has low health, the health bar will shake.

Creepers (August 22, 2009)(?)[edit]

  • Additions
    • Creepers
      • Did not have a proper texture yet and used a placeholder static texture
      • Was passive (?)
      • Did not explode when killed
  • Oddly, in the HTML for the original 2009 Survival Test webpage, "Minecraft creeper test" is mentioned. It is possible this build was uploaded at one point for private testing.

Pigs (August 22, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post

Survival testing (August 25, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post, YouTube video

  • Additions
    • Flowers and mushrooms.
    • Viewport bobbing.
  • Changes
    • New level generator.
    • More cliffs.
    • Longer and narrower caves
      • The deeper you go, the bigger the caves are.
    • Surface lava possible, but unlikely.
    • Currently selected block shows up in view.
    • Leaves now drop saplings.
    • Saplings now grow into trees.
    • Mobs now spawn in groups.
    • Mobs and player can push each other around.
    • Breaking log drops 3-5 planks blocks.
    • The player can now hold their breath underwater for up to 15 seconds.
    • Lava now does damage.

Player's arm (August 27, 2009)[edit]

Word of Notch post, YouTube video

  • Additions
    • The player's arm is now visible.
      • Only appears when no item is selected.
    • Permadeath.
  • Changes
    • Blocks and arm now swing when the mouse is pressed.
    • Mobs can take damage, but they don't have a dying animation.
    • Mobs can hurt you.
    • Harsher fall damage.

Creepers (2) (September 1, 2009)[edit]

Vimeo video

  • Creepers:
    • Now have a texture
    • Explode when killed
    • Attack the player - are no longer passive.
Differences from final 0.24
  • Mobs do not glow when hurt
  • The death animation for mobs is different, instead of jumping and slowly falling over, they simply flop over quickly.


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