Java Edition Classic 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST

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Classic 0.24 SURVIVAL TEST.png

Java Edition

Server version


Release date

September 1, 2009


Client not archived

Missing Texture Block.png
This version is currently missing.
While this version is known to exist due to video or photographic evidence or from being mentioned by a developer and may have been publicly available, this version is missing from the launcher and has not been archived elsewhere, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post on the talk page.

0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST[1] was a version of Classic and the first version of Survival Test, released on September 1, 2009.[2]


  • Creeper Revision 2.png Creepers
    • Are a lot darker than normal.
      • Return to normal when hit.
    • Explode on death.
    • Deal 1-3 Hearts of damage upon hit, up to 6 hearts upon death.[verify]
  • Zombie Revision 1.png Zombies
    • Deal 0.5-3.5 Hearts of damage.
  • Oak Standing Sign.png Signs[3]
    • Added as an entity.
    • Can be spawned by pressing B.
    • Can not be edited.
  • Arrow Revision 1.png Arrows
    • Can be shot by pressing Tab ↹.
      • Took 7 shots to kill mobs. Deal 1.5 Hearts of damage.
Options menu
  • Bobbing and the View Bobbing option added.
  • 3d Anaglyph added.
  • Level size options under "Generate New Level" are now closer together.


  • Faster rendering.
  • Mobs and players jump back and flash white when taking damage, and have a dying animation.
  • Controls
    • White block selection box removed
      • As a result of this, saplings and flowers no longer disappear if selected in darkness.
      • Right-click to build and left click to mine.
    • The player can autojump again.
    • Load Location and Save Location no longer work.
  • Brown mushrooms regain health (2.5 Hearts).
  • Red Mushrooms hurt you (1.5 Hearts).
  • Readded Sapling particles, although they're now darker than before.[verify]
  • Enemies fall over when killed.
  • New Level Generator
    • More cliffs.
    • Longer and narrower caves.
    • The deeper you go, the bigger the caves are.
    • Surface lava possible, but unlikely.
  • Steve.png Humans
    • Changed skin from Steve Revision 1.png.
    • Can no longer be spawned by pressing G.


  • If a creeper blows up a liquid, the liquid will drop itself.
  • Cracking animation only shows on one side of a block.
  • Skeletons can enter 1 block holes.
  • Invalid value bug (?)
  • Middle clicking a block adds it into your inventory.
  • Placing a block at build limit will "eat" the block, destroying it without placing anything.


  • Removed creative mode.
  • Removed Liquid Raising, although sand and gravel will still fall through liquids.


Different ideas were considered during the development of this version.