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The pre-reupload version of this version is currently missing.
This version has been reuploaded at one point in time. While the reuploaded version has been archived, the pre-reupload has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post it on this page's talk page.
Classic 0.0.13a.png

Java Edition

Release date

May 22, 2009 (original version)
August 6, 2013 (launcher version)


2009 original version:
Client not archived
2013 launcher version:
Client (.json)
No corresponding server

0.0.13a[1] was a version of Classic released on May 22, 2009.[2][note 1]

A version called "0.0.13a" is available in the launcher. However, it has many differences from the version called 0.0.13a in 2009, which appeared to support regular terrain, whereas the launcher version strictly uses flat terrain. Additionally, many features from 0.0.12a are still present, such as using the "generating level" screen from that version instead of the one from 0.0.13a. This may mean that the version from the launcher is in fact an early testing version of 0.0.13a solely intended for testing level size, and the release of 0.0.13a remains lost.



  • Added a thin black block selection outline.


  • Added a "Huge" level size (512×64×512 worlds).[1]
    • It is important to note that, although huge worlds were first tested in a development build of 0.0.13a showcased on Notch's channel, the feature wasn't actually implemented until version 0.0.14a. Gameplay of both the original and 2013 recompilation of 0.0.13a_03 proves this, worlds always generate in the old 256x64x256 level format.
  • Added level saving for players with accounts[3]
    • Feature for registered and logged in players only.
    • Five slots in total.
    • Stored at the URL<username>&id=<the slot saved in, starting from 0>
  • Pressing Esc now opens the pause menu.



  • Changed the texture of saplings from Oak Sapling JE1.png to Oak Sapling JE2.png.
  • Is no longer transparent.


  • Holding the jump key no longer allows for autojumping.


User interface
  • Game ratio is now 854×480, not 640×480.
  • The block being used is once again shown in the top right corner
  • The world generating screen now shows darker dirt.
  • This is the earliest version in the launcher where holding down R no longer causes the player to cycle between different locations - holding the key now has the same effect as simply pressing it.[verify]
  • The terrain is no longer always generated a block above water.[4]
  • Lava and water will now always produce stone.[5]
  • Surface dirt layer is more uniform.
    • There is almost always a layer of grass with dirt under it above stone.
    • Cliff faces can no longer be made of pure dirt and grass.


  • Transparency issue with water.[6]
  • Level saving sometimes does not work.[7]
    • The reason is because Opera and older versions of Java did not support a workaround Notch made to allow connecting to a host from an applet in LWJGL.[8]
  • When facing at certain angles a block can be placed where a block already is.[verify]


Differences between the launcher version and the original:

  • The world is originally square and only becomes long when a new level is generated. The original has normal terrain.
    • Despite the surface being flat, caves with lava lakes can still spawn underground.
  • The Generating Level screen shows lighter dirt in the launcher version. This is left over from 0.0.12a_03.
  • The launcher version has other features left over from 0.0.12a.[more information needed]
  • Despite the surface being flat in the launcher version, caves with lava lakes can still spawn underground.



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