Java Edition Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6

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Minecraft Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6
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Java Edition



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November 11, 2011

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Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6 is the sixth and final pre-release for Java Edition 1.0.0.



Dragon egg
  • Currently has no use.

Non-mob entities[edit]

End crystals
  • Sits atop of a block of bedrock.
  • It is diamond shaped, with 2 cubes spinning on their axis with a point at the center.
  • Fires a healing beam at the ender dragon when within range.
  • Can be destroyed with a melee or hit with an arrow, causing an explosion.
  • They appear on all obsidian pillars in the End.


Ending titles and credits
  • Have been added to the game.
  • Added the following to /title/:
  • credits.txt
  • earlyplayers.txt
  • win.txt
Video settings
  • Added "Particles" setting.
  • Has three possible states:
  • "All", rendering all particle effects.
  • "Decreased", rendering half of all particle effects.
  • "Minimal", rendering no particle effects (except for those created when breaking blocks).



  • Several block's tool weaknesses have been fixed, such as crafting tables now mining faster with an axe and rails now mining faster with a pickaxe.
  • Attempting to sleep in a bed while hostile mobs are nearby will display "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby".
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
  • New side texture.
Iron bars
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
Monster spawners
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
Nether bricks
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
Redstone ore
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
  • New texture.
  • Mined stairs of any materials will drop a stair block now instead of a block form of its material.
Stone bricks
  • Changed the mining time to make it faster.
  • Downward flowing water now creates flowing water once more.


  • Tools not suited to digging a certain block can be faster than digging by hand, e.g. a pickaxe can dig dirt faster than by hand, but not faster than by shovel.


Ender dragons
  • More finished boss fight.
  • "Boss Health" meter appears on the middle top part of the screen in the same purple hue as the ender dragon.
  • Leaves behind a fountain-like bedrock structure with the dragon egg sitting on top, and has an exit portal to return to the players spawn point/bed.


  • 'Efficiency' enchantment now affects all blocks for any item enchanted with it.
Sun and Moon
  • Sun and moon are square again.


12 bugs fixed

  • Entity model errors fixed.
  • Armor durability is much back to being larger, larger than it even was in Beta 1.8.
  • Using items and hitting mobs no longer uses up items/durability in creative.
  • Lily pads are now a block which can be stood on.
  • Ferns, tall grass and lily pads are now available in the creative inventory.
  • Unnecessary block versions of cake and sugar cane removed from creative inventory.
  • Enchantment tables now take time to mine, instead of one punch.
  • "Mods and Texture Packs" changed to "Texture Packs".
  • Repeater clocks no longer get stuck when unloading the chunk.
  • Placing fences under farmland doesn't stop it from turning back into dirt.
  • A Minecart with Furnace is able to push empty minecart in any direction.
  • Baby sheep from dyed parents are now born dyed instead of always being white.