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This is a list of Java Edition Beta 1.8 development versions.

Beta 1.8 Pre-release

Beta 1.8 Pre-release is the first pre-release for Beta 1.8, that was released on September 9, 2011. It is the first ever known pre-release released for Minecraft Java Edition.


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Glass Pane Revision 1.png Glass Pane
  • Crafted using 6 glass.
  • Drops itself when destroyed.
Oak Fence Gate Revision 1.png Fence gate
  • Connect to fences.
  • Open when used.
Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Stone bricks
  • Come in regular, cracked, and mossy varieties.
  • Occur naturally in strongholds. The different bricks are all called stone bricks in-game. The regular stone bricks can be crafted into stone brick slabs and stairs.
Cracked Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Cracked Stone Bricks
Mossy Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Mossy Stone Bricks
Vines JE1 BE1.png Vines
  • Can grow to nearby blocks.


Cooked Chicken Revision 1.png Cooked Chicken
Raw Chicken Revision 1.png Raw Chicken
  • Dropped by chickens.
Rotten Flesh Revision 1.png Rotten flesh
  • Dropped by zombies.
Ender Pearl Revision 1.png Ender pearl
  • Dropped by endermen.
  • Currently have no use.


Enderman Revision 1.png Enderman
  • Have the ability to teleport.

World generation

  • Extreme Hills
  • Ocean
    • Oceans existed in previous versions, however now they exist as an actual biome, spanning thousands of blocks.
Generated structures




  • The player can now set their field of view in the options via the FOV slider. It can be set from 70 (default) to 110 (Quake Pro).
Debug keys
  • F6 and F7 move time forwards and backwards, respectively.



  • Triangular ferns no longer generate naturally.


  • Shears can now be used to harvest shrubs.
  • Raw beef has a new texture. It is not known what the old texture was, since raw beef did not exist prior to this update.
  • Cooked porkchop has a new texture.


  • Pigs' snouts now extrude from their model, rather than being flat.

World generation

  • Biomes are now much bigger and more flat.
  • Hills and mountains tend not to generate as much, except in the new extreme hills biome.
  • They are no longer aligned based on temperature and humidity, instead their distribution is random.
  • Swamplands
    • They have been renamed to just "swamps".
    • They are a much more vibrant green color.
    • They have a new tree type, which are slightly bigger and have vines hanging from their leaves. They can also generate in shallow water pools.
    • They are much more flat.
  • Taiga


  • Seasonal forest
  • Rainforest
  • Shrubland
  • Savanna
  • Tundra
  • Ice desert
    • Ice deserts did not generate in previous versions, so their removal was not noticeable.
  • Beach
  • Gravel beach


Beta 1.8 Pre-release was re-uploaded approximately 24 hours after its initial release to fix bugs and remove some debug features. Features and bugs present in the initial version include:

  • Villages do not generate correctly. Only the wells, gravel paths, and lampposts generate; houses do not generate.
  • Various models often become corrupted.
  • Screenshots can sometimes fail to save, printing an error into the chat: Failed to save: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Number of remaining buffer elements is x, must be at least y. Because at most y elements is required, regardless of actual returned element count, where x and y are two numbers, with y being less than x. This bug seems to occur after changing the resolution of the game window, and can be solved by making the window smaller.
  • The world can sometimes fail to save, resulting in lost progress when quitting.
  • Various debug keys exist.
    • F9 freezes the camera in its current position.
    • F6, while also turning back time, enables a strange "bouncy" movement. It locks the player's y coordinate (meaning they cannot jump or fall). It makes the player accelerate relatively slowly when moving. Additionally, blocks lose their collision, however the player is still affected by solid blocks trying to push them out (as observed in normal gameplay), though if the player is moving quickly enough they can push all the way through a block.
    • N and M change the view's rotation clockwise and anti-clockwise, respectively. Holding both keys simultaneously resets the rotation.
    • Y and H decrease and increase the field of view, respectively. These keys seem to affect the field of view differently to how the FOV option does - the player's hand (or anything the player is holding) will also become stretched as the field of view increases or decreases, which does not happen if the player changes the FOV option in the menu. Holding both keys simultaneously resets the field of view.
    • I makes the player look up, J looks left, K looks down, and L looks right. These movements are normally done by moving the mouse. This setting cannot be reset by holding any keys simultaneously.
    • U and O moves the third-person camera forwards and backwards, respectively. This setting cannot be reset by holding both keys simultaneously.

Beta 1.8 Pre-release 2 ;)

Beta 1.8 Pre-release 2 ;)[sic] is the second and last pre-release for Beta 1.8.


  • Mineshafts
    • Their density is now significantly decreased
    • To counter this change they generate about 2.5 times as often
  • Strongholds
    • Increased stronghold count to three per map instead of one
  • Swords
    • Blocking now works in multiplayer.
  • Creative inventory
    • Some of the missing blocks are now on the creative selection screen
  • Creative
    • The player can no longer eat in creative
  • Drops
    • Chickens and cows killed by burning now drop their cooked meat
  • Squid
    • Squid now drop experience orbs when killed
  • Enderman
    • Now have purple eyes rather than green, and emit portal particles rather than smoke.
  • Options
    • "Generated Structures" is now on by default
  • Bone Meal
    • You can now use this stuff on pumpkin and melon seeds
    • Huge mushrooms can only be made if a mushroom is planted on grass or dirt
  • Cracked and mossy stone bricks now drop themselves instead of regular stone bricks.
  • Fog
    • Adjusted fog strength at low altitudes to be less extreme
  • Other
    • F6 and F7 working as a result of left-in debug code is now removed
  • Fog key mapped to F


7 bugs fixed

  • Fixed endermen having client-side problems in multiplayer
  • Sprinting with right-click or sneaking is now fixed
  • Fixed furnace tile entity crash
  • Fixed leaving the crafting table with items on the grid creating phantom blocks
  • Fixed singleplayer chunk memory leak
  • Fixed vines and leaves no crashing the game when placed in the Nether
  • Fixed farmlands rejecting melon and pumpkin seeds

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