Java Edition Beta 1.6.3

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Minecraft Beta 1.6.3
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Java Edition

Release date

May 26, 2011

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Other editions of 1.6.3

Beta 1.6.3 was mainly released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Beta 1.6.2.



  • 2 blocks deep water doesn't prevent fall-damage anymore. Players will need at least 3 blocks deep water to prevent fall damage.


  • The renderer is now capped at 100 fps while there are chunks to be generated. The excess time will be spent generating chunks instead of rendering frames.
  • The "limit framerate" option now limits the game to 40 fps and will spend at least 10 ms per frame sleeping.
  • The "limit framerate" option has been reset to "off" for all players, enable it again if wanted.


3 bugs fixed

  • Fixed some block updates not updating lighting properly under some circumstances by reverting the "don’t always send block data" fix in 1.6.
  • Fixed a major CPU load issue in the server where a very tight loop would starve all other threads.
  • Fixed furnaces dropping/duplicating their contents when they change state from lit to unlit or back.