Java Edition Beta 1.5_01

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Minecraft Beta 1.5_01
Beta 1.5 01.png

Java Edition

Release date

April 20, 2011


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Missing Texture Block.png
The .EXE file for this server version is currently missing.
While the .JAR file for this server version has been archived, the .EXE file has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post it on this page's talk page.

Beta 1.5_01 was a version of Java Edition Beta released on April 20, 2011, to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Beta 1.5.



8 bugs fixed


  • Minecarts can no longer be extinguished with water.
  • A duplication glitch involving dropping your items, saving the game, reentering and picking up your items then closing the game via task manager was present.