Java Edition Beta 1.5

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Beta 1.5 was a version of Java Edition Beta released on April 19, 2011, which added statistics and achievements, new types of rails and saplings, and cobwebs among other changes and fixes.



Birch Sapling JE1 BE1.png Birch Saplings
Cobweb JE1 BE1.png Cobwebs
  • Unobtainable in the game without inventory editing until Beta 1.8.
Detector Rail Revision 1.png Detector Rails
Powered Rail JE1 BE1.png Powered Rails
Spruce Sapling JE1 BE1.png Spruce Saplings


  • When struck by a lightning bolt, becomes a charged creeper, and will have a much more powerful explosion. Charged Creeper JE1 BE1.png

When struck by a lighting bolt they become zombie pigmen.


  • Now transferred between worlds.


  • ⇧ Shift + clicking on something in a chest will immediately move the selected item(s) into the player's inventory and vice-versa.
  • Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto).
  • Advanced OpenGL (Occlusion Culling: doesn't render blocks that the player can't "see", helps performance in cards that support it).
  • Now transferred between worlds.



  • Sleeping in thunderstorms is now possible, even if daytime.
Crying obsidian
  • Texture has now been removed from the game.
  • Now spreads much slower than before.
Grass Block JE4.png Grass Blocks
  • The sides now use the same color as the top, (example of a grass block in Alpha 1.2.0 Grass Block JE3.png).
  • Now produces 2 ladders to offset the fix of the staggered-ladder exploit when crafting.
Redstone Dust
  • Can now be placed on snow.


  • Dropped items in flowing water move faster than before.



World generation[edit]

Birch trees & spruce trees


  • Pressing Tab ↹ will switch between input boxes.
  • ⇧ Shift + F2 no longer creates a 36450×17700 screenshot.
  • Huge performance improvements for old and slow computers.


15 bugs fixed

  • Players are only 'on' a ladder (can climb it/fall slowly) if the lower half is in the ladder block, rather than any part of the player.
    • It is no longer possible to climb with a one-block gap in a ladder, or a ladder that starts at eye level.
  • On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
  • Player movement through water has been fixed to previous speed.
  • Wolves' pathfinding now has a better understanding of doors. They will go through doors most of the time, but will sometimes get stuck on the 3-pixel thickness of the door.
  • The lighting on portals and ice has been fixed when using smooth lighting.
  • Stairs are no longer transparent to light.
  • On multiplayer, the health of wolves are now synchronized between server and client, causing wolves to only whimper when low on health, as opposed to all of the time.
  • Redstone in off state is red again.
  • Fixed saplings occasionally growing trees that stretch to world limit
  • Crops hit with water now drop seeds and wheat, as opposed to just wheat.
  • Moving minecarts will continue to move if the world is closed.
  • The Mojang logo is the correct size when the client is maximized.
  • The exploit to make chests three or more side by side by placing a water source and placing a chest in that source has been fixed.
  • ⇧ Shift + F2 doesn't attempt to create massive .tga screenshots, which are more than 1GB in size, anymore.
  • Sugar cane can no longer be placed on any block that is not dirt.