Java Edition Alpha v1.2.2

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Minecraft Alpha v1.2.2
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Java Edition

Server version


Release date

November 9, 2010


1.2.2a: Client (.json)
1.2.2b: Client (.json)

Protocol version


Other editions of 1.2.2

Alpha v1.2.2 is the name given to two versions of Alpha released on November 9, 2010.[1] Server version 0.2.4 was released with this version, which mainly fixed bugs.

Two versions are available in the launcher, Alpha v1.2.2a (a debug version) and Alpha v1.2.2b (which added support for more animations as well as minor changes and fixes).


  • Support for more animation settings added


Main menu
  • Now contains the texture pack selection menu for easy texture pack switching, replacing the "play tutorial level" button.
  • Displays the version name in the top-left corner.
  • It now takes longer for the "took too long to log in" screen to appear when connecting to a server.


  • Players and mobs on fire, in lava, or next to cacti no longer spam sound effects.
  • Getting hit with a higher damage while recovering from a smaller one works as intended.
  • Duplicating buttons when resizing screens fixed.
  • Zombie pigmen and ghasts no longer get hurt by fire and lava.
  • Fixed volume sliders not saving properly.

Debugging version[edit]

Alpha v1.2.2a added generation of a nether portal using F4.



  1. From this version's .json file.