Java Edition Alpha v1.1.2_01

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Minecraft Alpha v1.1.2_01
Alpha v1.1.2 01.png

Java Edition

Server version


Release date

September 23, 2010[1]


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Alpha v1.1.2_01[2][3][4] is a version of Alpha released on September 23, 2010, to fix bugs. This version is available in the launcher.


  • Minecraft now downloads resources from the cloud.


  • Sound and music bug fixed.


  • Alpha v1.1.2_01 was the oldest Minecraft version where players could hear sounds and see their skins from 2010/2011.
    • As of March 8, 2018, the player cannot see player's skins in Minecraft versions up to Java Edition 1.6.4, which is caused by Mojang removing old game resources.
  • This was the last version to feature the old terrain generator along with the bright green grass, which was an iconic staple of Alpha.
    • In addition, due to the above,[verify] this was the last version in which the Far Lands would simply not render beyond 32,000,000 blocks out from the center of the map.
    • This was also the last version to have winter mode.



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