Java Edition Alpha v1.1.0

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Minecraft Alpha v1.1.0
Alpha v1.1.0.png

Java Edition

Official name

Seecret Friday 9

Server version


Release date

September 10, 2010 (original) September 13, 2010 (reupload)
August 6, 2013 (launcher recompilation)

Download Client (.json)
Other editions of 1.1

Alpha v1.1.0, also known as Seecret Friday 9,[1] is a version of Alpha, and also the ninth and last Seecret Friday update, released with server 0.2.0_01 on September 10, 2010.



  • Experimental switch to turn on monsters in multiplayer
  • Lava buckets can be used as fuel to smelt up to 100 items
  • Clay is more common when a world is generated
  • Servers will now save player locations upon leaving the server
  • The debug screen is no longer listed as an option and now requires F3 to be held down to activate.


  • Torches can no longer be placed on leaves, but only with fancy graphics
  • Chests, Signs and Furnaces now work in SMP


Alpha v1.1.0 was reuploaded on September 13, 2010,[verify] to fix a bug where the player could force the camera's movement inside walls. The version found in the launcher is the pre-reupload version, but is recompiled differently and has a different checksum.