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Java Edition Alpha v1.0.4

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Minecraft Alpha v1.0.4
Alpha v1.0.4.png

Java Edition

Official name

Seecret Friday 4

Release date

July 9, 2010[1]

Compilation date

August 6, 2013 (launcher)


Original: Client (.json)
Launcher: Client (.json)

Other instances
of 1.0.4

Alpha v1.0.4, also known as Seecret Friday 4,[1] is the fourth seecret update which added winter mode, snowfall, and two new blocks.



Ice JE1 BE3.png Ice
  • Is slippery.
Snow JE1 BE1.png Snow

Body positions[edit]

World generation[edit]

Winter maps
  • Added a new map type, featuring:
    • Snowfall.
    • Blocks exposed to sky generate with a thin layer of snow and those exposed to snowfall slowly get covered by it.
    • Water exposed to snowfall generates as ice.
      • However, water found on gravel beaches is not entirely frozen upon generation.
    • Upon world creation there is a 25% chance for it to become a winter world. However, on Christmas, the chances of a winter world is 100%.[2]


  • Added new splashes:
    • "Livestreamed!"
    • "Haunted!"
    • "Polynomial!"
    • "Terrestrial!"
    • "All is full of love!"
    • "Full of stars!"
    • "Scientific!"
    • "Cooler than Spock!"
    • "Collaborate and listen!"
    • "Never dig down!"
    • "Take frequent breaks!"
    • "Not linear!"
    • "Han shot first!"
    • "Nice to meet you!"
    • "Buckets of lava!"
    • "Ride the pig!"
    • "Larger than Earth!"
    • "sqrt(-1) love you!"
    • "Phobos anomaly!"
    • "Punching wood!"
    • "Falling off cliffs!"
    • "0% sugar!"
    • "150% hyperbole!"
    • "Synecdoche!"
    • "Let's danec!"
    • "Seecret Friday update!"
    • "Reference implementation!"
    • "Rude with two dudes with food!"
    • "Kiss the sky!"
    • "20 GOTO 10!"
    • "Verlet intregration!"
    • "Peter Griffin!"
    • "Do not distribute!"
    • "Cogito ergo sum!"
    • "4815162342 lines of code!"
    • "A skeleton popped out!"
    • "The Work of Notch!"
    • "The sum of its parts!"
    • "BTAF used to be good!"
    • "I miss ADOM!"
    • "umop-apisdn!"
    • "OICU812!"
    • "Bring me Ray Cokes!"
    • "Finger-licking!"
    • "Thematic!"
    • "Pneumatic!"
    • "Sublime!"
    • "Octagonal!"
    • "Une baguette!"
    • "Gargamel plays it!"
    • "Rita is the new top dog!"
    • "SWM forever!"
    • "Representing Edsbyn!"



Redstone dust, redstone ore, and redstone torches
  • Have been given official names.

Non-mob entities[edit]



Main menu
  • Added an animated title screen.
  • Logo is now made out of stone, rather than cobblestone, and has been changed from Java Edition 1.png to Java Edition 2.png.


3 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug in the mob spawn code.
  • The player no longer suffocates when they ride a minecart through a two block tall space.
  • Breaking minecarts no longer freezes the game.


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  2. A winter world is defined by the boolean NBT tag "SnowCovered=1" in level.dat.