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This article documents an April Fools' joke.
There is no actual "Minecraft 3D" version of Minecraft in development.
Minecraft 3D Shareware v1.34
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Java Edition

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April 1, 2019


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3D Shareware v1.34 is an April Fools' joke release officially called Minecraft 3D.[1] This version has many references to video gaming in the 1990s. This release is a fork of the game at version 19w13b.

According to the developers, Minecraft 3D Shareware v1.34 is an "old version" of Minecraft released on April 1, 1994, of which only "a handful of copies were ever made", one of which was discovered "amongst all the rubble" lying in the basement of Mojang's old offices. It was said to be "a masterpiece of its all time" featuring "cutting-edge technology" which won many awards,[1] although this is all part of the joke.



Red Key
  • According to its lore, it "opens Red doors".
  • Is dropped by the wither.
  • Can be obtained through barrels.
Blue Key
  • According to its lore, it "opens Blue doors".
  • Is dropped by the elder guardian.
Yellow Key
  • According to its lore, it "opens Yellow doors".
  • Is dropped by ravagers.
  • According to its lore, it is "tasty".
    • Eating it in survival mode while the hunger bar is less than full will show a picture of the developer cast of Minecraft.
  • Dropped by creepers summoned through the cheat code "NEEEERD".


Boss Mode
  • Pressing B will display a screenshot of an early-1990s DOS-like office work program.
Screen size
  • The screen size can be increased and decreased with the key F7 and F8 respectively.
    • A border with the dirt texture will decrease or increase, depending on the screen size.
Cheat codes
  • Typing the following cheat codes (not necessarily in chat) will show a message and trigger an action:
Cheat Code Message Action
POWEROVERWHELMING Nothing can stop you! Makes the player invincible to damage. Hunger will not decrease, and mobs will ignore the player, as if the player was in Creative mode
PIGSONTHEWING FLYING=VERY YES Allows the player to fly, even in Survival mode
FLASHAAAAA Gordon's ALIVE! Gives the player the Jump Boost, Speed, and Haste effects for 1 minute
MOREDAKKA Got all equipment! Gives the player overpowered items
IDKFA Got all keys! Gives the player the 3 keys
COWSCOWSCOWS There is no cow level (but obfuscated) Nothing
HOWDOYOUTURNTHISON VROOM! Summons a very fast horse (a reference to Microsoft's 1999 RTS game, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings' which uses the same cheat code but with spaces to spawn a very fast Cobra car)
NEEEERD Special creeper has been spawned nearby! Summons a special creeper. It wears a lab coat and glasses, and drops a "3D" item when killed
Obligatory nightmare mode
  • Upon loading the game after having selected this in the "Difficulty" menu, the player will constantly lose health until death, and their death message will display as "<playername> was too soft for this world"
    • When a mob/player attacks the player before they die, the death message will be "<playername> was too soft for this world (<mob/player> helped)"
  • Hovering over the button in the menu will make a reddish tint appear below the screen



  • Has a 2D billboard model with fire above which always faces the player, similar to a fireball.
  • When closing a barrel, it will cause an explosion if empty, otherwise the barrel closing sound will stutter endlessly. The explosion will not destroy blocks.
  • Will generate randomly throughout the world.
    • Upon generation, will have the new "bonus_barrel" loot table, which can contain crossbows named "BFC9000" with an enchantment of Multishot 1–12, and can have various types of enchanted armor and weapons, random effect tipped arrows, and random effect potions (splash and lingering).
    • Can also generate in the End.
  • Shooting them will cause them to explode. This explosion will destroy blocks, unlike the explosion produced by closing empty barrels.


Elder Guardian
  • Now drops a blue key.
  • Now drops a yellow key.
  • Now drops a red key.
  • Now has an NBT tag called  d20 that determines whether the creeper is a nerd.
  • Most entities render via billboarding, which explains the 2D model of the barrel above.


  • The game always runs in demo mode, even if no --demo flag is present, which is why no Realms button exists.
    • Like normal, after a 5 in-game day counter, the player is unable to use, break or place any blocks, at which point attempting to do so will show a message that the demo has expired, but normally the player can start a new world, but in this case the player cannot play anymore unless they delete their world file and create a new one.
  • The maximum level of Multishot is now 12.
  • Higher levels of Multishot now fire more arrows.
  • Pop-ups will appear randomly saying "Next disc required", similar to the "Minecraft Demo mode" pop-up, telling the player to "enter a new disc and press ENTER", if the player presses a button besides ↵ Enter it will say "I SAID ENTER!!!" in red text below the message. If the player presses ↵ Enter the popup will disappear.
  • Upon selecting an "episode" and difficulty, the player will be prompted to a traditional Minecraft Demo popup. Clicking "Open registration form" will have the game create a text document called "ORDER.TXT" which contains several fake games and merchandise which the player can "order" in the "MOJANG ORDER SHEET" which appears to ship your purchase to "Mojang PC Repair and Software AB" in Stockholm, Sweden.
    • The fake games/merchandise are as listed below:
      • "MineCraft 3D - Immersive virtual-reality mining simulation with intense crafting capabilities! Our freshest and radicalest game!"
      • "MineCraft 3D: Deeper and darker - Gigantic expansion pack: 3 new ores, 7 new weapons and 11 new enemy variants. Including Buff Crepper [sic] and Evilshroom II!"
      • "MineCraft 3D: Mines of North Pole - Obligatory holiday map pack. Ideal for X-mas '94!"
      • "MineCraft 3D: Strategy Guide - Only the hottest of tips, guides and cheats! Mandatory for every pickaxe maniac!"
      • "MineCraft 3D: Themed PC-Speaker Set - Collectors' item! Guarantees best sound experience!"
      • "MineCraft 3D: Sticket [sic] set - "Better than nothing". Ideal for your younger sibling!"
      • "[COMMING [sic] SOON] MineCraft 3D: Action figurine set - You have to acquire them all!"
      • "MineCraft 2 - Classic 2D Minecraft experience. If you haven't played it yet, shame on you!" (possible reference to the Java Edition 2.0 April Fools' update)
      • "MineCraft 2: Swedish Parliamentary Elections edition - Finally, the expansion pack you've been waiting for!"
      • "MineCraft 2: All the guns! - 'Nuff said"
      • "Fermented Herring Simulator VII - Why do you keep asking for this?"
      • "Fermented Herring Simulator VII: Thorium Pack - No! Really, stop!"
      • "Fermented Herring Simulator VII: Scratch and sniff"
      • "Doom 2 - Completely not related to other games named Doom. This one is about gardening."
    • The document has several typos that seem to be intentional.
    • According to the document, "Orders must be received by April 1st 1995 or while stocks last".
  • When selecting difficulty in the "Select difficulty" menu each mode is displayed differently than is in-game:
    • Peaceful is "Hello, NoobVille"
    • Easy is "Filthy casual!"
    • Normal is "Lemon curry?"
    • Hard is "eXtreme to the maXxXxX!"
    • "Obligatory nightmare mode" functions the same as hard, but the player will continually receive damage.


Loading Screen
  • The loading screen will at first appear similar to a Windows system command prompt, displaying "By 1991–1994 Mojang Repair and Software... Loading Minecraft 3D" and several other pieces of information.
    • Shortly after this prompt the screen will switch to a pure white background, with a version of the Mojang logo appearing in the center of the screen, floating around, rotating and growing bigger as it gets closer until it comes to a halt at the center of the screen, displaying the company name MOJANG underneath it with a person saying "Mojang!" similar to how "Sega!" would be said on a Sega start up screen.
  • A prompt above the loading- and title screens will display the message "UNREGISTERED VERSION" in green text against a red background scrolling from left to right.
Title screen
  • "Demo mode" is always set to "true".
  • The "Play Demo World" button is now labeled as "Select episode"
    • Clicking on it will display a list of five "episodes", only one of which is actually accessible, the others only "Available in registered version". The list of episodes as follows:
      • "The player is you!" (the only accessible episode)
      • "Knee-deep in lava"
      • "Not just the endermen"
      • "Removing Herobrine"
      • "All these worlds are yours except..."
  • The "Reset Demo World" button is now labeled as "ModemPlay(TM)" and clicking on it will display "Blip blop".
    • Clicking on it again will display "Nej!" (No! in Swedish) until the player reloads the title screen.
    • The button is always available even if the demo world doesn't exist.
  • A large image of a rotating 3D logo will be displayed next to splashes.
  • Health and armor are displayed as percentages
    • The display slots are empty in Creative mode
  • The player's head and torso is displayed as a portrait, with the head randomly turning left and right.
  • Hunger is displayed as a Raw Beef icon on top of a Bone
    • Only the bone is displayed in Creative mode
  • The hotbar is displayed as a 3×3 grid, with the top-left slot being the first and the bottom-right being the ninth.
  • Experience is no longer displayed
  • Horse jump bar is displayed at the top of the screen
  • Air bubbles are displayed above the hotbar
Pause screen
  • Clicking the "Give Feedback" button will show a message telling players to "send us a postcard" containing the address of the Mojang AB office.
Exit screen
  • When exiting the game, an additional screen will appear that displays "Thank you for playing MineCraft 3D!" and imitates a command prompt, which can be closed out by pressing any key.
  • The Mojang jingle heard when starting up this version is a parody of the SEGA jingle, most commonly heard during the early 1990s.
  • In place of the traditional clicking sound made normally when clicking on buttons in the menus, a more explosion-like sound will play.
  • All sounds have been converted to sound more "8-bit".



  • 3D Shareware v1.34 is not supported due to being an April Fools' joke, and therefore issues affecting it will be closed as "Invalid" in the issue tracker.[2]


  • This version has the same protocol and data version with 13w42a/b and 19w13b respectively, despite being incompatible.
  • The only world created in this version is named "MoJang Presents" and saved under "shareware" (seen with other versions).
  • Reloading the resources via F3 + T will briefly show the game without shaders. Changing language or changing resource packs in the settings will also remove the shaders for the duration of the loading screen.
  • Inside the JAR file, it contains a sound.sys file under the assets/minecraft folder. This file is a Printfox bitmap, containing the image of the developer cast of Minecraft, shown after eating the "3D" item.
  • Color phrases of the keys (e.g. "Opens Blue doors") are translated to the selected language of the game.
  • The file loading.png contains the text found when starting/exiting the game. At the bottom of the image, the word "Cheeky!" can be seen, which cannot be seen during normal gameplay.
  • If the internal server kicks the player from the game it will then display the multiplayer server select screen, which should be normally inaccessible (since this version is in demo mode). This can be triggered manually by using /kick @s.
  • The text in the loading screen saying "Loading MINECRAF.WAD" is a reference to the file format (.wad) commonly used for storing data in the games Doom and its sequel Doom II, most likely because according to this version's backstory, Minecraft 3D was made 5 months after the initial release of the first Doom game (1994).
    • The file is named MINECRAF.WAD and not MINECRAFT.WAD per the 8.3 filename convention of the time limiting filenames (excluding the file extension) to 8 characters.
  • The Red, Blue and Yellow keys are also a reference to Doom and Doom II, which used the three keycard system extensively throughout much of their level designs. The IDKFA code also comes from the Doom games and, much like its functionality here, provides the player with the three keycards when typed in-game. The crossbow named BFC9000 found in barrels is most likely another reference to Doom, as there is a very powerful weapon in Doom called the BFG9000. Knee-deep in lava is also another reference to the first episode of Doom, Knee Deep in the Dead
  • The "Thank you for playing MineCraft 3D!" text on the exit screen is a reference to the "Thank you for playing Wing Commander." message from the game Wing Commander, which was actually an error message that was changed to the thank you message to hide the error.[3]
  • Several cheat codes and their output messages are references.
    • PIGSONTHEWING granting flight is a reference to the Pink Floyd song, "Pigs on the wing"
    • HOWDOYOUTURNTHISON is a reference to a cheat code from Age of Empires II. In that game, the cheat code, how do you turn this on (case-insensitive, spaces are required as this is entered into the in-game chat) spawns a Cobra car unit at a town center owned by the player. This code has become a meme in the general gaming community (details on Know Your Meme).
      • The Cobra car from Age of Empires 2 is an extremely fast unit, much faster than any non-cheat unit, which is referenced by that the Minecraft cheat code summons an excessively fast horse.
      • This is not the first Age of Empires reference Mojang added into Minecraft, the other one being the evokers' sheep conversion spell and the associated "wololo" sound.
    • The COWSCOWSCOWS cheat and its output, "There is no cow level", reference a meme from the Diablo community. The alleged cow level didn't exist in the first Diablo, when the rumors started and the phrase became a meme, but was added as an easter egg in Diablo II. See a wiki article on the subject.
    • The cheat code POWEROVERWHELMING is a reference to the invincibility cheat from Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War. Later, a Hearthstone card is called Power Overwhelming.
    • MOREDAKKA is a reference to an Ork World from Warhammer 40K, Moredakka. The cheat's effect likely refers to an internet meme where the phrase "More Dakka" is used to mean "more firepower." This is spawned from the fact that in the Ork's language, "Dakka" means "Attack," "Shoot," "Noisy weapon," or "Fight." Orks believe that a gun needs to be loud in order to be effective, so they make their guns as loud as possible to enhance their performance. As such, Ork Shootas (Rifles) and Sluggas (Pistols) tend to make a lot of noise when shot.
    • FLASHAAAAA is a reference to the song Flash by Queen, and the output text "Gordon's ALIVE!" is a reference to the 1980 film Flash Gordon, which had a soundtrack largely composed, performed, and produced by Queen.
    • The output text for PIGSONTHEWING, "Flying = Very Yes", is likely a reference to the FLAGRANT SYSTEM ERROR VIRUS = VERY YES.[4] in Strongbad Email #118.[5]
  • The name of the sound played when the Mojang logo is shown is called awesome_intro, and the sound file name is called bim_bom.ogg.
  • Boss Mode is a reference to boss keys, keyboard shortcuts that certain games included in the 90s. When pressed, a boss key would pull up a blank terminal or a fake screen of a productivity program, meant to hide the fact that the user was playing games during work hours.


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