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Minecraft 17w16a

Java Edition



Release date

April 20, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


17w16a[1] is the sixth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.12.



Note block
  • When placed on top of a bone block, wool, clay, packed ice or gold blocks, the noteblock produces no sound when altered or activated (this is to make place for new noteblock sounds coming up).
    • Added sound events (when using /playsound) for the following:
      • minecraft:block.note.bell
      • minecraft:block.note.chime
      • minecraft:block.note.flute
      • minecraft:block.note.guitar
      • minecraft:block.note.xylophone


  • New illager.
  • Affects players with Blindness for 20 seconds then shoots with a bow.
  • Summons duplicates of itself.
    • All duplicates will show shooting animation, but only the real one can be hit and shoots the arrow
  • Does not currently have a spawn egg, so can only be summoned with /summon illusion_illager
  • Targets both the player and villagers

Command format[edit]

  • @s
  • Targets the executing entity, e.g: /execute @e[type=Villager] ~ ~ ~ /say @s


All the tutorial hints.
Tutorial hints
  • Displayed in the top right
  • Will display only in Survival mode, and only upon starting a new world for the first time
    • Saved per player, stored in options.txt
      • Name: tutorialStep
      • List of criteria: movement, find_tree, punch_tree, open_inventory, craft_planks, and none
  • Added keybinding options for Creative toolbar saving
JSON format
  • Added 'group' to recipe json format, to clump similar recipes together
  • Added new 'keybind' text component, to refer to the player's keybindings



Hardened Clay
  • Renamed to terracotta
Glazed Terracotta
  • Will no longer "stick" to slime blocks if attached to the side, top or bottom, but not if attached to the front or back.
Shulker Box
  • Colors changed in accordance with the changes to other block colors
    • This causes the 'default' (purple) shulker boxes to be a vibrant purple that mismatches all other purpur items and blocks (reverted in 17w17a).
Command Block
  • Now executes all of the commands in a chain before scheduling them for the next tick.
    • It is now possible to stop/modify the operation of a chain via commands and get results instantly (as opposed to getting them in a 1 tick delay).


Comparison of old and new shulker and shulker box colors.
  • Colors changed in accordance with the changes to other block colors
    • This causes the 'default' (purple) shulkers to be a vibrant purple that mismatches all other purpur items and blocks (reverted in 17w17a).


  • Now displays a message whenever the Narrator isn't available
  • Pressing F1 will now hide all toast messages
NBT format
  • Improved NBT parsing in commands
    • Keys can now (optionally) be quoted, e.g: "Motion":[0.0,0.0,0.0]
    • Unquoted string values are now stricter; they can no longer contain spaces or special symbols, e.g: CustomName:Test Test
    • Indices, which were previously optional in lists, are no longer allowed, e.g: Motion:[0:7.3,1:1.0,2:3.1]
    • Empty keys and values are no longer allowed
  • Improved error messaging; now points to where exactly the error occurred


27 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-9565 – Fences and Cobblestone Walls connect to Fence Gates, which are facing the other direction
  • MC-95560 – Wrong command message: Last character of NBT parsing error message is missing
  • MC-97662 – NBT parser regex checks for pipebars as tag declaration
  • MC-114219 – NBT integer array regex matches non integer arrays
  • MC-114220 – NBT integer arrays have trailing comma in string representation
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-113915 – Inadvertently saving/overwriting saved hotbars due to stuck modifier key
  • MC-114889 – Parrots on shoulders disappear when flying up in creative or spectator mode
  • MC-115046 – Recipe book icon changes when wearing enchanted armor
  • MC-115336 – Closing crafting menu drops or deletes items in some cases
  • MC-115528 – Local client crashes when using the new shift click recipe book in a server
  • MC-115603 – Shift clicking recipe deletes other applicable items with different meta data
From the previous development version
  • MC-115797 – Server output shows errors and nothing else
  • MC-115802 – Crash when going to Statistics/items-blocks or trying to customize Superflat settings
  • MC-115806 – Clicking on coloring white bed recipe selects creating bed recipe (placing planks in armor slots of player)
  • MC-115807 – Game crash if right clicked on the underside of block with torch in hand
  • MC-115809 – Advancements/recipes notifications don't show correctly in F1 mode.
  • MC-115812⇧ Shift + F3 crashes the game
  • MC-115837 – Gap between advancements and recipe toast
  • MC-115873 – Can't drop items by clicking outside of inventory
  • MC-115938 – Toasts darken in some GUIs and while some tooltips are displayed
  • MC-115942 – Parrots imitating mobs causes null pointer exception
  • MC-116004 – "Parrot" isn't translatable in the "imitates" subtitle
  • MC-116136 – Parrots are invisible when on shoulder
  • MC-116213 – Parrots on your shoulder change color when the player is wearing an enchanted elytra
  • MC-116314 – Bows destroy other bows while crafting using recipe book
  • MC-116316 – Shulker boxes not matching the new hues
From the current version, hotfixed
  • MC-116352 – Crash when opening the chat settings


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 17w16a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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