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Java Edition



Release date

December 2, 2015

Snapshot for



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Server (.exe)

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15w49a[1] is the forty-fourth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9.


Command format[edit]

Sound events
  • Added block.furnace.fire_crackle.
  • Added
  • Added entity.cow.milk.
  • Added (Removed in 15w49b).
  • Added entity.hanging.pop (Removed in 15w49b).
  • Added entity.itemframe.add_item.
  • Added entity.itemframe.break.
  • Added
  • Added entity.itemframe.remove_item.
  • Added entity.itemframe.rotate_item.
  • Added
  • Added entity.painting.break.
  • Added
  • Added entity.snowman.ambient.
  • Added entity.snowman.death.
  • Added entity.snowman.hurt.
  • Added entity.squid.ambient.
  • Added entity.squid.death.
  • Added entity.squid.hurt.
  • Added item.armor.equip_chain.
  • Added item.armor.equip_diamond.
  • Added item.armor.equip_generic.
  • Added item.armor.equip_gold.
  • Added item.armor.equip_iron.
  • Added item.armor.equip_leather.
  • Added item.bottle.fill.
  • Added item.bottle.fill_dragonbreath.
  • Added item.bucket.empty.
  • Added item.bucket.empty_lava.
  • Added item.bucket.fill.
  • Added item.bucket.fill_lava.
  • Added item.chorus_fruit.teleport.
  • Added item.hoe.till.
  • Added item.shovel.flatten.


  • aviateOneCm: Tracks the distance a player has glided using elytra.



Activator rails & powered rails
  • Powered rails and activator rails no longer transmit power to each other.
  • Now drops any contained item when exiting the GUI.
  • No longer accepts items from hoppers.
  • PaymentItem NBT tag removed.
  • Will break if lava is adjacent.
  • Cactus on sand will break if water or lava is in the block above.
  • Cobwebs now catch snowballs, eggs, thrown potions, XP bottles, and ender pearls, causing the item form of the projectile to be dropped.
Crops & Nether wart
  • Hitbox now changes as the plant grows.
  • Are now placed facing left/right depending on which half of the block the player clicks on, unless neighboring doors cause them to place a certain way.
  • Increased damage when flying into a wall.
End crystals
  • Now require air or replaceable blocks in the two blocks above the block it's being placed on.
  • Can no longer be placed to intersect other entities.
  • Chance of going out in rain increased by 20 percentage points (now 20% + 3 percentage points per age).
  • The lit_furnace block is no longer available as an item.
Lily pads
  • Bounding box changed, now 15/256 high (from 1/16) and inset from three edges of the block by 1/16.
  • Unextended pistons, downwards-facing pistons, and upwards-facing piston extensions are now considered to have a solid top surface, like upside-down stairs and top-half slabs.
    • Among other things, this means mobs can now spawn on them.
Tripwire and tripwire hooks
  • Removed the distinction between "suspended" and "non-suspended": formerly, tripwire would only work if the whole stretch and both hooks were all above solid blocks or all not above solid blocks.
Trapped chest
  • Now appears in the Redstone tab of the Creative inventory instead of Decoration Blocks.


  • Melons and glistering melons are now oriented the same way (Removed in 15w49b).


  • Improved pathfinding
  • Knockback no longer changes the Y-axis speed of flying and falling mobs.
Cave spiders, endermites, magma cubes, silverfish, slimes, spiders, wither skeletons, zombies, zombie pigman
  • Now fight back when hit by other mobs.
Ender dragon
  • Can no longer pick blocks from behind walls.
  • Now rotates with the player.
  • No longer float above the ground.
  • No longer find shade to hide under if equipped with a helmet.
Snow golem
  • Using shears on a snow golem will remove the pumpkin head (and remove 1 durability from the shears).
    • The pumpkin is not dropped.

Non-mob entities[edit]

Arrow entity
  • Now take the thrower's motion into account. For example, an arrow fired forward by a player in a speeding minecart will fly faster relative to the ground, an arrow fired backwards will fly slower, and an arrow fired sideways will have motion in the direction of minecart travel.
  • Arrows that bounce off a target (e.g. a shield or a sitting dragon) and may be retrieved will become dropped items if near zero momentum after being bounced.
Bottles o' enchanting, eggs, ender pearls, snowballs, thrown potions
  • No longer collide with non-opaque blocks.
    • Even non-opaque blocks that are solid, such as glass (see MC-93636).
  • Are "caught" and converted to the item form by cobwebs.
  • Now take the thrower's motion into account. For example, an arrow fired forward by a player in a speeding minecart will fly faster relative to the ground, an arrow fired backwards will fly slower, and an arrow fired sideways will have motion in the direction of minecart travel.
SmallFireball entity
  • No longer damages (or angers) fire-immune entities.

World generation[edit]

End portal
  • In the 0.0000000001% chance that all 12 frame blocks generate with eyes already present, the portal will now be active.
    • This means once again you can access the End without going to the Nether.

Command format[edit]

  • Now auto-completes itself when pressing TAB.
  • Now has an optional player parameter to specify which players can see the particle when inside the range. When left out, everyone in range can see the particles.
    • Also added a params parameter to specify particle parameters (for iconcrack_, …).
Sound events
  • Renamed entity.arrow.successful_hit to entity.arrow.hit_player.


  • Sweep attacks now do 1♥ damage to mobs affected by the knockback.
  • The Infinity enchantment no longer affects spectral and tipped arrows.
  • Sneaking now increases exhaustion by half as much as walking.
Frost walker enchantment
  • Now functions whenever the player is standing on ground, regardless of whether the ground is a solid block or not.
  • No longer works on armor stands.
  • No longer destroys item frames, leash knots, paintings, and armor stands.
Status effects
  • Health Boost effect now shows multiple red hearts instead of the one similar to Regeneration.
  • Absorption effect now shows a single red heart with a yellow outline around it.
  • Nausea effect will now stop instantly when cleared using Milk or with commands.


93 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-729 – Zombies only fight back against players.
  • MC-1973 – Items placed into a beacon are lost upon reloading a world.
  • MC-3626 – Signs, sugar cane, vines, two-block plants and cobwebs cause glitchy mob behavior.
  • MC-7519 – Clearing Nausea potion effect will stop it, but purple portal tint will remain.
  • MC-8017 – Throwing eggs and snowballs though cobweb just hits it and breaks.
  • MC-9074 – Command selector syntax does not recognize decimals.
  • MC-18272 – Health Boost and Absorption effects have the same icon.
  • MC-20431 – Player is floating above the saddle of a donkey.
  • MC-33863 – Villagers rarely can turn to baby zombie villagers, or chicken jockey.
  • MC-38307 – Lightning strike area-effect destroys item frames, paintings, and armor stands.
  • MC-39098 – Endermen can pick up blocks behind walls.
  • MC-46034 – Lava flows towards gaps even if they can't be reached.
  • MC-48570 – Server-side resource packs do not show up in resource pack list.
  • MC-50468 – Skeleton AI ignoring helmet – skeleton still stays in shadow.
  • MC-50559 – Rain texture is upside-down.
  • MC-55942 – Nether wart, wheat, carrot, and potato hitboxes reflect only first stage.
  • MC-63129 – Baby zombies named "Dinnerbone" appear suspended in the air.
  • MC-69328/playsound not tab-completing sounds.
  • MC-69834 – Metal ring misplaced at tripwire hook/does not move.
  • MC-70327 – Blaze fireballs damage other blazes.
  • MC-72156 – Tamed wolves attack when a wild wolf is hurt.
  • MC-72368 – Cactus can be placed underwater, but doesn't break.
  • MC-73370 – Trapped chests are in "Decoration Blocks".
  • MC-75471 – Ocelots and rabbits run from you in Creative mode.
  • MC-76045 – Clicking on a non-existing link target or deleted screenshot gives an error.
  • MC-76975 – Pick block doesn't work on the dragon egg.
  • MC-77224/tp with relative x rotation above 90° affects y rotation.
  • MC-80148 – Custom model lighting irregularities (top & bottom faces)/each cuboid part of a model renders smooth lighting as if it were a full block.
  • MC-80597 – Lit furnace still obtainable using the /give command.
  • MC-81693 – Multiple items have missing (transparent) pixels.
  • MC-81725⇧ Shift+F3 menu remains on server disconnect.
  • MC-82452 – Server resource packs not staying persistent.
  • MC-85963 – Melon and glistering melon textures have different rotations.
  • MC-87219 – Mob heads float above baby zombies that wear them.
  • MC-89399 – If an end portal generates with 12 eyes in it, it is impossible to use it.
  • MC-92983 – Slimes are incorrectly offset from actual position.
  • MC-93289 – Level-up sound originates at position in world, not at player position.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-62552FallingSand shows alternate block textures while falling.
  • MC-70306 – Can't put flower pot on piston.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-83107 – Shulkers deflect arrows from the side but not the top; arrows glitchy when shot at the edge.
  • MC-83174 – Zombies, zombie pigmen, ghasts, guardians, slimes, magma cubes, wither skeletons, spiders, cave spiders, silverfish and endermites do not attack when hit by other mobs.
  • MC-83193 – Punching cake eats it.
  • MC-83271 – Bosses are unaffected by potions or tipped arrows.
  • MC-83599 – Arrow/item in offhand is still displayed while drawing bow in first person view.
  • MC-83824 – Infinity enchantment works with potion tipped arrows.
  • MC-83850 – Squid and ghasts are unaffected by levitation.
  • MC-83896 – Shulkers can teleport into other shulkers.
  • MC-83930 – End City spawns even when "Generate Structures" is set to false.
  • MC-85117 – Shulkers teleport even after they're already dead.
  • MC-85256 – Cauldrons are filled with water while snowing in biomes where it only snows above a certain height.
  • MC-85756 – Blocks/items on mobs' heads turn red when the mob takes damage.
  • MC-86305AreaEffectCloud can be pushed by pistons.
  • MC-86385 – Leading zeroes omitted in tooltip on dyed leather armor color.
  • MC-86951 – Drop item scoreboard objective increases when /give is used.
  • MC-86992 – A shulker floats a bit above ground.
  • MC-87143/setblock signs with text put "null" on empty lines when reloading the world.
  • MC-87242 – Librarian zombie villager robe texture is sometimes white instead of transparent.
  • MC-87383 – Shulker hitbox height is too high.
  • MC-87411 – Zombie villager leg has transparent pixels
  • MC-87568 – Slimes with levitation can move.
  • MC-87573 – Spawned slimes always move south (+Z) first.
  • MC-88401 – Arrow blocked by shield can get stuck above the player.
  • MC-88465 – Shields still show metadata in the tooltip.
  • MC-88569 – Armor slots inconsistency: /replaceitem refers to 'chest' while AttributeModifiers.Slot refers to 'torso'.
  • MC-89181AreaEffectCloud does not work with some particles, crashes with others.
  • MC-90095 – Elytra goes invisible with player if potion is used.
  • MC-90417 – Enderdragon can be a passenger on boats.
  • MC-90587 – Frost Walker does not work on transparent blocks.
  • MC-90601 – Using pick block on frosted ice gives a warning in the console.
  • MC-90606 – Damage from hitting walls with Elytra is too small.
  • MC-91061 – Loot table exceptions are not caught.
  • MC-91177 – Rain puts out fires less often.
  • MC-91264 – Right clicking a hoe or a shovel on grass or dirt plays the wrong sound.
  • MC-91533 – Container minecarts with invalid loot table cannot be removed from world.
  • MC-91543 – Multiple (unlimited) number of ender crystals placeable on one block at the same time.
  • MC-91666 – Exploding creepers drop gunpowder when they set off an end crystal.
  • MC-91756 – Beam target of end crystals on obsidian pillars does not update when ender dragon spawn sequence is stopped.
  • MC-91807 – Having used the /kill @e[type=EnderCrystal] instruction, the rebirth ceremony still continued execution.
  • MC-92202 – Villagers stand outside opening and closing doors instead of entering.
  • MC-92225 – Buggy AI for skeletons riding horses.
  • MC-92309 – "Block Broken" closed caption is inaccurate.
  • MC-92415 – Mob pathing issue – they appear to stop and travel in loops.
  • MC-92451 – Beam detaching from end crystal as crystal levitates up and down.
  • MC-92548 – Can't place certain blocks on marker armor stand.
  • MC-92697 – Activator rails and powered rails power each other.
  • MC-92784 – Some subtitles are unrelated to the sound.
  • MC-92849 – Mob kills due to knockback from a sweep attack fail to reward experience.
  • MC-92972 – Villagers won't go outside.
  • MC-93107 – Shulkers still produce sound even when Silent:1b.
  • MC-93474 – Players can place end crystal in Adventure mode.
From the previous development version
  • MC-93118 – Some of the new textures' filesize is too big.
  • MC-93119 – Survival player can obtain bedrock item.
  • MC-93167 – Some textures jump and change rotation as the player moves closer or farther from them – easy to confirm with netherack in the Nether.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 15w49a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.