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Java Edition



Release date

January 11, 2013[1]

Snapshot for




Protocol version


13w02b is the fourth snapshot for 1.5, and was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in the 13w02a snapshot.



Activator Rails
  • Changed crafting recipe.
    • Now includes two sticks and a redstone torch, as well as the 6 iron ingots.
  • Dinnerbone stated the previous crafting recipe was not intended.[2]
  • Large/double chests can now release a redstone signal when connected to a Comparator depending on the number of stacks within.
    • Before, double chests would only emit a signal depending on how full each individual chest was (a double chest with only the top half full would emit a full signal from the side that the items were in).
  • Powering the block now also stops it from taking in items (see comparison between 13w02a and 13w02b).[3]
Trapped chests
  • Can now transmit signal downward through one block. This does not apply horizontally (through walls).[4]


36 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.5

  • MC-320 – The player could place vines into other vines.
  • MC-1446 – Different timings on pistons in near same enviroment.
  • MC-2974 – Anvil name change cost.
  • MC-5214 – All the different Firework stars stack.

From the 1.5 snapshots

  • MC-5976 – Can't fill completely a double chest with the hopper.
  • MC-6147 – Trapped chests only transmit redstone signal via redstone dust.
  • MC-6250 – Wrong death message when using renamed sword.
  • MC-6268 – Comparator only works for one half of a double chest.
  • MC-6457 – Hopper doesn't pull out items that were smelted in the furnace.
  • MC-6555 – Items traveling over hoppers, turn invisible.
  • MC-6656 – Shift double click armor quirk.
  • MC-6982 – Visual error /non-mechanical lighting glitch.

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-6735 – Crash at 13w02a Startup [Failed to start game].
  • MC-6737 – Hopper item looks odd when dropped.
  • MC-6738 – Texture of the furnace and the dispenser in the inventory are not showing the blocks "face."
  • MC-6742 – Biome's grass color does not get applied to the sides of the grass block in 13w02a.
  • MC-6744 – Looking at certain items crashes the game.
  • MC-6745 – The TNT Minecart is missing the ssss sound once triggered.
  • MC-6746 – Minecart with TNT fails to return correct items when removed by player.
  • MC-6758 – Ghast's Fireball texture does not display right texture, instead showing textures for diamond helmet / end portal frame.
  • MC-6764 – Blocks and items' textures display a white texture.
  • MC-6771 – Stitched_terrain.png and stitched_items.png on desktop.
  • MC-6772 – Cauldrons have no bottom texture inside.
  • MC-6774 – TNT Minecarts cannot be dispense from a dispenser onto rails.
  • MC-6808 – Lever placed on top of Hopper don't stop the leaking.
  • MC-6834 – TNT Minecarts disappear on Reload.
  • MC-6852 – Crash after opening the world.
  • MC-6861 – [Regression] Brewing Stand does not show water bottles/potions in world.
  • MC-6891 – Furnace fed by hopper doesn't show the fire animation.
  • MC-6916 – TNT Minecarts don't appear in nether after being sent through portal.
  • MC-6936 – Disabled hopper doesn't suck up items entities correctly.
  • MC-6953 – No Quartz sprite in textures.
  • MC-6964 – When crafting wooden planks in inventory, double clicking on planks would give you that item, without taking away the logs.
  • MC-6974 – Hoppers transferring items too fast.
  • MC-7055 – Hopper still duplicating items.
  • MC-7078 – Minecraft not loading textures.