Java Edition 12w22a

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Minecraft 12w22a
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Java Edition



Release date

May 31, 2012[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

Protocol version


12w22a is the eighth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.3.1.



Block of Emerald JE1 BE1.png Block of emerald
  • Decorative storage blocks, crafted with 9 emeralds.
Tripwire.png Tripwire and Tripwire Hook JE1.png tripwire hooks
  • Can place down string to create tripwire, when walked on, these can activate tripwire hooks if there is a hook at each end of the string.

World generation[edit]

Jungle pyramid JE2 BE2.png Jungle temple
  • Generated Structure that generate in jungle biomes.
  • Comprised mainly of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone.
  • Have dispenser and tripwire traps and chest loot.


Adventure mode
  • New gamemode, only accessible with /gamemode 2.
  • The player cannot break or place any blocks.
  • The player can interact with any blocks, like doors and levers, and can buy from villagers.
  • The player can still damage mobs.
Creative inventory
  • Added potions to the Creative inventory; found in "brewing" category.
  • Added delete item, armor and crafting to survival inventory when in Creative.
  • Added silverfish cobblestone and stone brick monster egg blocks to the Creative inventory.




  • When exposed to rain, cauldrons have a possibility to slowly filling with water.
Emerald ore
  • Now generates in veins of 1 block
  • Rain will slowly drip through leaves.
Locked Chest JE3.png Locked Chest
  • Texture changed from Missing Texture Block JE1 BE1.png
  • Changed as a result of the addition of the texture of what would later become the Block of Emerald occupying the texture space of what used to be the chest texture.
  • Half-slabs can now be placed upside-down when pointing at the upper half of the side of a block. This does not work with stairs.

World generation[edit]



  • Enchantment system has been rebalanced.
    • The maximum enchantment level has been lowered from 50 to 30.
      • As a result enchantment tables now require only 15 bookcases around them to allow maximum level enchantments.
    • With a full enchantment table set with bookshelves, at the bottom of the 3 enchantments, it always shows the player the highest number possible.
    • Using level 30 enchantments, the player has a lot more luck; almost all items get at least 2 enchantments.
    • Various actions will now reward the player with experience orbs, such as mining ores (except gold ore and iron ore), using furnaces, and getting achievements.
    • Levels are now awarded linearly. It takes 17 experience to go up one level.
  • Blocks seen in inventory are oriented to the right instead of to the left.
Nether portals
  • Pausing now works again in single player.
  • Smelting in a furnace with a lava bucket now leaves an empty bucket for the player to retrieve.
Villager Trading
  • Villagers can now trade all sorts of items with players (for example, 1 emerald + 10 gravel → 3 flint).
  • Some villagers will offer to enchant items (e.g. 3 emeralds + 1 iron pickaxe → 1 iron pickaxe with Fortune I).


Debug screen
  • Pressing F will reload the chunks.


10 bugs fixed

  • In the redstone tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch is now on instead of being off.
  • In the decoration tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch has been removed.
  • Fixed the size of slimes which was sometimes wrong in the previous snapshot.
  • Fully charged arrows now show their particle effect again.
  • Arrows are now stuck at the correct position in the block they hit.
  • The language English (US) is available again.
  • Fixed Enderman often not shaking and opening their jaws when looked at.[2]
  • Fixed repeaters sometimes being stuck when loading the chunks they are in.[3]
  • The Search tab does not automatically open up unless the player presses their chat key, allowing the inventory to be closed with the normal inventory key again.
  • Fixed bug causing stacked buckets to disappear when used to milk cows.