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Java Edition 1.7.8

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Minecraft 1.7.8
Release 1.7.8.png

Java Edition

Release date

April 11, 2014


Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

Protocol version


1.7.8[1] was a minor update released on April 11, 2014,[2] to fix some crashes and skin issues from Java Edition 1.7.7.[2] It is compatible with Java Edition 1.7.6 – 1.7.7 servers.



  • Client will auto-kick the player from the server after 23 hours, 59 minutes.[3]
Twitch streaming
  • Now asks for confirmation before starting streaming to avoid accidental broadcasts.


6 bugs fixed

From the 1.7.x release versions

  • MC-52639 – Upon update, 2 chunks of house missing.
  • MC-52652 – 1.7.6 server can't parse banlist from older version.
  • MC-52668 – Player skulls UUID compatibility incomplete (NBT tag SkullOwner was of wrong type).
  • MC-52718 – Minecraft skin problems recent with 1.7.7.
  • MC-52755 – Staying on a server for more than 24 hours crashes everyone.
  • MC-52673 – Invert mouse setting defaults when closing and reopening.