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Minecraft 1.16
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Java Edition

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Nether Update[1]

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1.16 is an upcoming major update to Java Edition that overhauls the Nether, set to release sometime in 2020.[2] This update was announced at MINECON Live 2019.[1] The update does not include the announced features for the mountains biome.[3]



Ancient debris
  • Can be found throughout the Nether at any altitude, though it is much more common at lower levels.
  • Can be refined into a netherite scrap by smelting in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • Same blast resistance as obsidian, but is movable with pistons.
  • Inventory item floats on lava.
  • Cannot burn in lava or fire.
  • A diamond or netherite pickaxe is required to mine it.
  • Always spawns covered by lava and/or blocks on all sides.
Block of netherite
Crimson and warped fungus
Crimson and warped nylium
Crimson and warped planks
Crimson and warped roots
Crimson and warped stems
  • Blocks that comprise the trunks of huge fungi.
  • Have animated textures.
  • Have a top texture similar to regular log blocks.
  • Can be placed directionally, similarly to logs.
  • Do not burn.
  • Have respective stripped variants.
Crying obsidian
  • A variant of stems with the bark on all 6 sides.
  • Also has a stripped variant.
Nether Gold Ore
Nether sprouts
Polished basalt
  • Obtained through the stonecutter using basalt.
  • Can also be crafted from basalt in a 2x2 grid, similar to other polished blocks.
  • Purely decorative and directional, like normal basalt.
Respawn anchor
  • Crafted with 6 crying obsidian and 3 glowstone.
  • Can be used to set spawn points in the Nether, using glowstone as charges.
  • A maximum of 4 charges can be set at once, and one charge is depleted with each respawn.
  • Emits a slight amount of light, which gets stronger for each charge added.
  • Using it in the End or Overworld causes it to explode and set fire to surrounding blocks similar to beds in the nether/end.
  • Can be charged using a dispenser.
  • The portal animation on the top texture is inverted from the nether portal texture.[4]
  • Emits a light level of 15, similarly to glowstone.
  • Can be mined with any tool, but hoes are the most effective.
  • Generate as a part of huge fungi.
Soul fire
Soul fire lantern
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal lantern, using a soul fire torch instead of a normal torch.
  • Has an animated texture, just like it's normal counterpart.
  • Same light level of a soul fire torch, but less light then that of normal lantern.
Soul fire torch
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal torch, with soul soil being placed under the stick.
  • Gives off a light level less than a normal torch.
Soul soil
  • Redstone component that can be activated by shooting projectiles into it.
    • Signal is stronger depending on how close the projectile is to the center of the block. The signal strength goes up to 15.
  • Can be crafted using a hay block and 4 redstone dust pieces.
  • Can be mined with any tool, but hoes are the most effective.
  • Does not need a comparator to send a signal strength.
Twisting vines
Warped wart block
  • A variation of the nether wart block, but cannot be crafted.
  • Generates as a part of huge warped fungi. Sometimes generates in the ground replacing the warped nylium in warped forest biome.
Weeping vines
The 2 variations of the new nether-colored blocks, purple and blue.


Netherite armor
  • Upgraded using a smithing table with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava, as a dropped item or when worn (players equipping netherite armor, however, can still take burning damage).
  • Floats in lava.
  • Tougher than diamond armor.
  • Has higher durability and enchantability than diamond, but not higher than gold.
Netherite axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel, and sword
  • Upgraded using a smithing table with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava.
  • Floats in lava.
  • Has higher durability, mining level, breaking multiplier, and enchantability than diamond, but not higher than gold.
  • All items, except the hoe, deal 1 more damage than their diamond counterparts.
Netherite ingot
Netherite scrap
Lodestone Compass
  • Entering another dimension than the one containing the right-clicked lodestone will cause the compass to shake uncontrollably.
  • Created by right-clicking a lodestone with a compass.
    • Will point towards that lodestone.
    • Right-clicking with stacked compasses will turn all compasses into lodestone compasses.
      • Will keep them stacked.
Spawn eggs
Warped fungus on a stick


  • Spawn in crimson forests.
  • Are a hostile mob.
  • Drop raw porkchop and occasionally leather.
  • Have an adult and baby variant.
  • Can be bred with crimson fungi.
  • Are hunted by adult piglins.
    • Baby piglins are not hunted and do not hunt hoglins.
  • Avoid placed warped fungi.
  • Baby variants are occasionally ridden by baby piglins.
  • Up to 3 baby piglins can ride on one baby hoglin.
  • Avoid nether portals and respawn anchors and zoglins when in the Overworld
  • A new passive mob that spawns in the Nether on lava oceans.
  • Drops 2-5 string.
  • Can be saddled and controlled with warped fungus on a stick.
  • Moves in and out of lava
    • Shivers when out of lava.
    • Moves significantly slower out of lava.
  • Is damaged by water and rain.
  • Has a baby variant.
  • Can be bred using warped fungi.
  • Can spawn with baby striders riding them.
  • Can spawn with zombified piglins riding them.
    • If they spawn with a zombified piglin, they will also have a saddle equipped.
  • A new zombified variant of the hoglin
  • Created when a hoglin is brought to the Overworld
  • Attack most mobs on sight, except for creepers and other zoglins
  • Drops rotten flesh and experience

World generation[edit]


Command format[edit]

  • Used to locate specific biomes.


  • New unique block sounds for most of the newly added blocks have been added.[more information needed]
  • Some blocks already in the game such as netherrack or nether bricks sounds have been changed.


  • Added 95 ambient sounds to the Nether.
    • Different sounds play in each Nether biome.
  • Added ash, crimson_spore, soul_fire_flame, and warped_spore particles.
  • Added three particles for crying obsidian: dripping_obsidian_tear, falling_obsidian_tear, and landing_obsidian_tear.
  • Added a new particle type: soul.
  • Added text which was missing for a death message and was displaying a raw translation string - what it says exactly is unknown.[6]
  • Added the zombified piglin entity texture.
  • Added the leather, chainmail, iron, golden, diamond and netherite helmet textures used for piglins.



Bamboo saplings
  • Renamed to "Bamboo Shoot".
Bone blocks
  • Will now ignite when hit by any burning projectile.
  • Can now be crafted using crimson and warped planks.
Flower pots
  • Has a bottom texture when empty.
Gravel and soul sand
Jigsaw block
  • Can have one of 12 orientations.
  • Added new property Joint type to describe if attached piece can be rotated (rollable) or not (aligned).
  • NBT field target_pool has been renamed to pool.
  • attachement_type has been split into name (on parent block) and target (on child block).
Nether wart blocks
Observers and redstone blocks
Pistons and sticky pistons
  • Hardness has been increased to 1.5.
  • Pickaxes are now more effective on pistons.[7]
  • Pistons can now support non-solid blocks on its top face without them popping off when the piston retracts. (torches, levers, buttons, etc.)[8]
Purpur pillar
Redstone dust
  • Now has a bottom texture.
Smithing tables
  • Added functionality: it is used to upgrade diamond items into Netherite versions.
  • GUI is expected to change, as the interface seems a little bare bones.
Smooth quartz
  • Renamed to "smooth quartz block".
Soul sand
  • Will now ignite when hit by any burning projectile.
  • Now plays a sound when climbed.
  • Walls in the middle of a row have longer pillars when stacked vertically.
    • Block state now uses none, low, and tall for east, west, north, and south directional values.


Bone meal
  • Can now only be smelted from items in the logs_that_burn block tag.
    • This change will not affect gameplay, as the new tag only contains items charcoal could be smelted from.
  • Renamed to "clay ball".
Diamond axe, diamond boots, diamond helmet, diamond hoe, diamond leggings, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, diamond sword, golden hoe, golden pickaxe, wooden hoe, and wooden pickaxe
  • Changed their textures slightly.
Spawn eggs
  • Using a spawn egg on a mob that doesn't have a baby variant now spawns an adult of that mob type.


  • The maximum distance a bee can wander away from its home hive when randomly wandering has been reduced to around 22 blocks.
  • Now despawn when they are further than 64 blocks away from the closest player.
  • Parrots imitate hostile mobs less often.
  • Parrots do not randomly imitate hostile mobs when gamemode is on peaceful.
Skeleton horses and zombie horses
Zombie pigmen

Non-mob entities[edit]

Item frames
  • Have two new data tags:
    • Invisible – makes item frame invisible (item inside frame remains visible).
    • Fixed – prevents item frame from being broken and the item inside from being removed (it does not prevent item rotation).
  • Now checks dismount position height against entity height.

World generation[edit]

  • Alongside mushrooms, huge crimson and warped fungi can generate over y=128 in the Nether.
Nether biome
  • The old "Nether" biome is now called "Nether wastes".

Command format[edit]

  • The message shown when running an unknown/incomplete command has changed.
  • Now supports being run in any dimension.


  • New mood detection algorithm for cave sounds.
    • Aims to make ambient cave sounds play at more appropriate moments.
      • Mood increases the longer a player remains underground.
      • Mood increases the longer a player remains without or in low sky light or block light.[more information needed]
      • Mood decreases and eventually resets the longer a player is neither underground nor in the absence of light.
    • The player can check the percentage of the mood in the sounds info section in the debug screen.
      • When the mood percentage reaches 100%, an ambient cave sound will play.
  • When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open waters.
    • A fishing location is considered to be open water if the following conditions are met:
      • There is at least a 5×1×5 area of water beneath the bobber and a 5×2×5 area of air above (for a combined 5×3×5 free area required).
      • Waterlogged blocks that have no collision, such as signs and coral count as water. However, bubble columns do not.
      • Open water is now calculated differently. Each layer in the 5x4x5 area around the bobber must meet one and only one of the following criteria:
        • Have only water source blocks, waterlogged blocks without collision, or bubble columns.
        • Have only air or lily pads.
Knockback resistance
  • Is now a scale of the amount of knockback taken instead of a probability to take no knockback.
  • Patrols no longer spawn when the player is close to any intact village.
Recipe book
  • The cartography table recipe now unlocks with paper instead of string.
  • Stained glass pane recipes now only unlock when the player has the same color of stained glass in their inventory.
  • Charcoal now unlocks using the logs_that_burn item tag.
  • Players can reset their spawn point using a bed when hostile mobs are near, although players still cannot sleep when hostile mobs are near.


  • Items and entities no longer keep unknown attributes.
  • Names of some attributes have been renamed to meet resource location requirements (i.e., lowercase separated by underscores instead of camel case).
    • Changed generic.maxHealth to generic.max_health.
    • Changed zombie.spawnReinforcements to zombie.spawn_reinforcements.
    • Changed horse.jumpStrength to horse.jump_strength.
    • Changed generic.followRange to generic.follow_range.
    • Changed generic.knockbackResistance to generic.knockback_resistance.
    • Changed generic.movementSpeed to generic.movement_speed.
    • Changed generic.flyingSpeed to generic.flying_speed.
    • Changed generic.attackDamage to generic.attack_damage
    • Changed generic.attackKnockback to generic.attack_knockback
    • Changed generic.attackSpeed to generic.attack_speed
    • Changed generic.armorToughness to generic.armor_toughness.
Chat messages
  • Changed "Your home bed was missing or obstructed" to "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed".
  • Removed Realms code from the client, though its assets remain.
Debug menu
  • When outside the world's vertical area, the debug menu no longer lists 'minecraft:the_void' as the biome.
    • Instead, it simply hides the biome information.
Loot Tables
  • Entity Predicate
    • Added fishing_hook sub-predicate.
  • fishing_hook
    • Check properties of the fishing hook.
    • in_open_water parameter matches whether the fishing location is open water fishing or not.
    • Can be set to "false" in game files to make AFK fishing farms work again. This will remove the feature of obtaining loot from normal waters.
Main menu
  • The main menu background is now in the Nether
  • Added new nether wood material.
    • Uses the wood material color.
    • Uses default properties.
  • All "block states" files have improved spacing, and now define the namespace when referring to the model.
  • All model files now define the namespace when referring to a different model.
  • Glint.png Bone meal particles
    • Now use 64-bit floats for spawning, not 32-bit.
      • This means that using bone meal at high distances from the world origin (notably greater than 17 million) will cause the particles to appear in expected places, and not far away from the target.
  • Removed translation strings of:
    • mco.trial.title.
    • mco.trial.unavailable.
  • Improved entity shadows to the ground.
  • Are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Added crimson and warped wooden items to the planks, standing_signs, wall_signs, wooden_buttons, wooden_doors, wooden_fences, wooden_pressure_plates, wooden_slabs, wooden_stairs, and wooden_trapdoors block tags.
  • Added crimson and warped wooden items to the planks, signs, wooden_buttons, wooden_doors, wooden_fences, wooden_pressure_plates, wooden_slabs, wooden_stairs, and wooden_trapdoors item tags.
  • Added potted crimson fungus, warped fungus, crimson roots, and warped roots to the flower_pots block tag.
  • Added crying obsidian and respawn anchor to the dragon_immune block tag.
  • Updated block tag enderman_holdable.
  • The slabs block and item tags now use the respective wooden_slabs tag.
  • Changed the logs block and item tags to use the logs_that_burn, crimson_stems, and warped_stems block and item tags, respectively.
The Nether
  • Changed the ambient lighting in the Nether, it is now much darker.
  • UUIDs of the owners of projectiles, such as arrows or snowballs, are now stored as an array of four integers. All UUIDs will be stored in this format in the future.
  • UUIDs stored in NBT are also represented as an array of four integers.
    • Example: {UUID:[I;1498693494,1027158888,1898994005,860320107]}
    • Renamed a couple of fields:
      • OwnerUUID of tamed animals, area effect clouds, evoker fangs and projectiles is now simply Owner.
      • TrustedUUIDs of foxes is now Trusted.
      • target_uuid of conduits is now Target.
World save files
  • Region files are now opened in synchronous mode to increase prevent data loss and corruption after crash.
    • Dedicated servers can disable that by changing sync-chunk-writes inside


190 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.16
  • MC-2591 – Walking over the corner of lava deals damage.
  • MC-3328 – Dismounting an entity places riding entity/player half block too high.
  • MC-7424 – Fall damage death messages do not show block players fall from correctly (ladders, vines, water).
  • MC-10727 – Player and entity shadows experience z-fighting with redstone.
  • MC-17431 – Shift-clicking stacked items with a data tag into the enchanting table GUI removes data tags from the moved item.
  • MC-45619 – Water, signs, vines, torches, etc. in the same block as item frame break the item frame's redstone signal.
  • MC-52178 – Cape does not move down while sneaking and detaches from body while sneaking.
  • MC-59363 – Items in item frames are deleted if both mouse buttons are used simultaneously.
  • MC-64242Silent tag is not working for some entities.
  • MC-64334 – Fire can be destroyed if given an item with CanDestroy tag for unbreakable block below (notably bedrock).
  • MC-64871 – Can not sleep while on fire, even with Fire Resistance.
  • MC-65951 – Armor stands fall through fences.
  • MC-75328/clear does not clear items in the inventory crafting grid.
  • MC-76810 – Casting issue: Bone meal particles break at high coordinates (floating-point precision).
  • MC-79944 – Various statistics overflow at 32-bit integer limit.
  • MC-81659 – Fireball and witherskull hitboxes are frequently invisible for some seconds.
  • MC-82235 – Baby pigs turn into adult zombie pigmen when struck by lightning.
  • MC-83039 – End City chests generate destroyed, items on the ground.
  • MC-85527 – Shulkers opening into blocks.
  • MC-89043 – Slime blocks moved by pistons often fail to bounce up the player.
  • MC-91522 – Shulker rendering position desync and generates ghost shulker when destroying shulker-ridden boat or minecart.
  • MC-91893 – Missing subtitles for various sounds.
  • MC-92889 – Mending does not always consume experience if the player wears items with mending that are already fully repaired.
  • MC-93198 – Throwing potions or throwable projectiles cause both hands to bob up and down.
  • MC-93477 – Shulkers opening into shulker.
  • MC-93631 – Pistons pop off blocks attached to their back when retracting.
  • MC-93813 – Snow golems throwing snowballs play arrow shooting sound.
  • MC-94094 – Snow golems do not drop their pumpkin when sheared.
  • MC-94730 – Endermen become passive when teleporting randomly during day while being aggressive.
  • MC-96436 – Eggs, snowballs, and experience bottles break instantly when thrown while riding a horse.
  • MC-97958 – Small slime has no jump or squish sound.
  • MC-100342 – Several non-ticking blocks are marked as ticking forcing the growth-algorithm to check chunks needlessly.
  • MC-101084 – Held items/blocks appear to bob down and up when opening a horse's inventory.
  • MC-101364 – Mobs and players sometimes dismount vehicles in a dangerous place.
  • MC-102319 – Nether portal trigger and travel sounds are not assigned to any sound category.
  • MC-103655 – Cats do not stand up when using right-click on them while they are sitting on chests or beds.
  • MC-104900 – Skeletons, illusioners and piglins with crossbows have broken agility reaction when hit or walking on certain blocks when provoked.
  • MC-104949 – Mobs can't jump shorter than half of the blocks.
  • MC-109248 – Extended piston head not removed when /setblock is used to place a different piston base.
  • MC-109370 – Bottom face of column blocks is rotated 180 degrees.
  • MC-109844en_us.json contains unused strings.
  • MC-109850 – Redstone wire does not have a bottom texture.
  • MC-111133 – Piston pushing opened shulker makes said shulker glitch.
  • MC-111437 – Player activated fireworks do not count as a player kill.
  • MC-111475 – Fireworks cannot hurt invulnerable mobs when player in creative mode.
  • MC-111498 – Fireworks and water bottle damage do not make neutral mobs angry or hostile.
  • MC-111502 – Fireworks damage does not make passive mobs flee in panic.
  • MC-111726 – Minecart dismount position always above the minecart, even if there is space next to it.
  • MC-112630 – Carrot on a stick cannot be broken.
  • MC-113381 – Falling dust particles of anvil and concrete powder blocks are black.
  • MC-113809 – Chorus flower plant, bamboo, sugarcane, cactus, and other plants grow instantly when supporting block is replaced with same block type.
  • MC-114000 – Mouse click in cat hissing sounds.
  • MC-114304 – Retracting piston pushes entities standing behind the back of it.
  • MC-115750 – Advancement "Monster Hunter" (kill_a_mob) is not granted for killing certain hostile mobs.
  • MC-116756 – Reversed and inconsistent subtitles for iron trapdoor.
  • MC-118080 – Bows without pulling predicate animate when other bows are pulled back.
  • MC-118096 – Incorrect position of particles when using bone meal on grass block.
  • MC-118327 – Parrots cannot teleport onto non-full cube / transparent blocks.
  • MC-120335 – Flower pot bottom texture is not rendered because of incorrect uv values in the model file.
  • MC-122128 – Recipe book resets itself to closed state after death.
  • MC-122187 – Teleported to coordinates wrong when teleporting entities relatively.
  • MC-122335 – Projectiles go through an entity if it is close to a player or a snow golem.
  • MC-122715/teleport command no longer prevents teleporting to invalid coordinates.
  • MC-124428 – Firework star crashes game if there's an int array but no colors.
  • MC-125055 – Igloo generates with brewing stand and flower pot contents dropped (and placed).
  • MC-127316 – General statistics out of order.
  • MC-128247 – Dolphins can jump way too far causing them to hit on land.
  • MC-129137 – Parrots imitating hostile mobs in peaceful is not that peaceful.
  • MC-130137 – Grass and mycelium don’t decay underwater.
  • MC-130906 – Dolphins are moving very fast when near a boat.
  • MC-131046 – Angry dolphins give players dolphin's grace.
  • MC-131440 – The message for trying to sleep at the wrong time implies that players can sleep only during a thunderstorm at night.
  • MC-131770 – Rain particles appear one block below the water or lava surface.
  • MC-132607 – Splitting slimes and magma cubes do not copy NoAI value.
  • MC-132967 – Mushrooms show as green dots on map.
  • MC-133049 – Compasses don't point to the correct location when in an item frame on the ground or on the ceiling.
  • MC-133088 – Missing translation string death.attack.magic.player.
  • MC-134162 – Item entities can break turtle eggs.
  • MC-134481 – Typo in en_us.json: "Status requst has been handled".
  • generator-settings for level-type FLAT not implemented; property is stored in ignored flat_world_options NBT.
  • MC-135034 – Burning mobs are extinguished by snow in cold biomes, but not in snowy biomes.
  • MC-135151 – Typo in en_us.json: "An error occured!".
  • MC-135849 – Grass and mycelium don't decay under waterlogged blocks.
  • MC-136063 – Incorrect spacing for entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.sunstreak's value.
  • MC-136868 – Ignited TNT, arrow or trident turns black when it falls on soul sand or snow layers.
  • MC-137554 – Shearing sound is in "friendly creatures" sound category.
  • MC-138402 – Waterlogged walls "connect" to water source blocks above.
  • MC-138600 – Cats do not bring gifts if they have already decided to sit on the user's bed.
  • MC-140544 – Pickaxes do not speed up piston breaking.
  • MC-140545 – Pathfinding prefers North (negative Z) direction.
  • MC-145140 – Fireballs cannot be interacted with when summoned.
  • MC-146824 – Ladders and tripwire hooks cannot be placed on the sides of redstone blocks, observers and target blocks.
  • MC-146834 – Zombie pigman's head bottom texture is flipped.
  • MC-146928 – Can't place doors, rails, buttons, pressure plate, redstone, etc. on soul sand.
  • MC-147368 – Pillager outpost can generate in water.
  • MC-147496 – Dolphin tries to catch the boat of the non-player ride.
  • MC-147601 – Purpur pillar block top texture has not changed to a new texture.
  • MC-147708 – Putting out fires is not considered mining a block, leading to strange effects.
  • MC-148067 – Snow golems damaged by snowfall in mountain/cold biomes.
  • MC-148360 – Cave ambience sounds play no matter where the player is.
  • MC-148474 – Sloped powered detector rails break when pushed or pulled by a piston.
  • MC-148869 – Player can clip through the ground when exiting a minecart or a boat.
  • MC-148935 – Zombies with no AI still convert into drowned.
  • MC-148936 – Parrot summoned with negative Age has smaller hitbox.
  • MC-149042 – Minecart dismount position is not consistent.
  • MC-149052 – Stonecutter recipe list does not show item tooltips.
  • MC-149081 – Entering a bed from a mount causes the player to bounce up and down.
  • MC-149375 – Camera can be positioned inside of snow layers.
  • MC-149776 – Cartography table requires string for the recipe to show up in the recipe book.
  • MC-150020 – Composter is in the "Miscellaneous" category instead of "Decoration" like the other workstation blocks.
  • MC-152441 – Corner quartz stairs (not corner smooth quartz stairs) do not have the border on the back/bottom that a normal quartz stair would have.
  • MC-154427 – Villagers only pick up four stacks of items.
  • MC-154867 – Tamed cats remain sitting if the world is reloaded while the cat is sitting on a chest.
  • MC-155977 – Enchanting a book makes the book lose its name.
  • MC-156600 – Shields appear to stop blocking when they have taken damage and are still in use.
  • MC-158807 – Players can remove cursed enchantments on items by repairing them in inventory.
  • MC-159300 – Villagers that have been infected by a zombie can despawn, even if they have been traded with.
  • MC-159672 – Vex will occasionally try to attack the player in Creative or Spectator.
  • MC-159773 – Shulkers can teleport to non-solid faces, and do not teleport to some solid faces.
  • MC-159918 – Foxes do not run from polar bears.
  • MC-159963 – Minecarts can break turtle eggs.
  • MC-160020 – Pulled bow changes its texture to the unpulled one when the durability changes.
  • MC-160053 – Enderman keeps following the player after becoming neutral/passive.
  • MC-160897 – Dropping an item using the drop key displays the hand animation but dropping items from within the inventory does not.
  • MC-160902 – Arm swings when right-clicking on full minecart.
  • MC-160959 – Clicking onto a bed in daytime doesn’t grant the advancement “Sweet Dreams”.
  • MC-161128 – Piston head left behind when base is quickly broken and replaced.
  • MC-161156 – Silverfish and endermites appear black on soul sand.
  • MC-161259 – Using the carrot on a stick while riding a pig plays no hand animation.
  • MC-162881 – Composter does not display particles when being fed composting items through a hopper.
  • MC-163286/setblock ~ ~ ~ air destroy does not destroy liquids.
  • MC-163655 – Fire cannot be targeted like other blocks.
  • MC-163918 – Bees not animating their pollen gathering.
  • MC-164129 – Ender dragon inner hitboxes are rendered offset by approximately 200 blocks.
  • MC-164158 – Lava does not emit smoke during rainfall.
  • MC-164184 – Breaking a shulker box with contents in Creative mode drops the block at an incorrect location.
  • MC-164435 – Stream sounds do not loop properly.
  • MC-164446 – Tags don't load if one of their values is invalid, causing all data packs to unload.
  • MC-164948 – Entity shadow renders through transparent blocks.
  • MC-165518 – Village houses desert_temple_1 and plains_temple_4 have no floor at entrance.
  • MC-166245 – No sound for shearing snow golems.
  • MC-166246 – Skeleton horses cannot be leashed.
  • MC-166980 – Bees become stuck wandering to the north-west after completing a task, or randomly in large numbers.
  • MC-167077 – Foxes sleep on top of honey blocks, even in broad daylight.
  • MC-167447 – Wrong RenderStateShard name.
  • MC-167512 – Glass in the hand is rendered differently depending on the "Clouds" setting.
  • MC-167561 – All players can make a dog stand up or sit down.
  • MC-167692 – Infested blocks do not spawn silverfish when blown up.
  • MC-167989 – Spawn point is not set when monsters are nearby.
  • MC-168319 – Fireworks sometimes don't explode when launched at the edge or under a block.
  • MC-168384 – NBT-Tag Silent:1b doesn’t work for bees.
  • MC-168540 – Threads created by net.minecraft.Util.backgroundExecutor() have misleading names.
  • MC-168748 – Rapid cod spawning and despawning causing performance issues.
  • MC-168772 – Experience orbs can crush turtle eggs.
  • MC-169533 – Asymmetrical walls in snowy_cartographer_house_1.
  • MC-169679 – Composters do not make sounds when fed by hoppers.
  • MC-169692 – Entity shadow floats slightly above the ground.
  • MC-169715 – Misrotated block in snowy_small_house_3.
  • MC-169832 – Transparent item models have inconsistent rendering when a glowing entity is present.
  • MC-169869 – Mooshroom using incorrect texture in Programmer Art.
  • MC-169965 – Potion effect timers for higher levels can remain at 0:00 after the higher level has run out if multiple levels of the same effect were applied in descending order.
  • MC-169975 – Highlight players (spectators) key doesn't affect any players other than yourself.
  • MC-170128 – Cannot build an EntityType without a datafixer due to an IllegalArgumentException.
  • MC-170242 – Asymmetrical walls in taiga_medium_house_4.
  • MC-170273 – Diamond swords use the wrong pallet.
  • MC-170274 – Pickaxe textures are inconsistent.
  • MC-170470 – At snowy_library_1, the snow block is placed next to the window, which causes ugly visual effect.
  • MC-170556 – Hoe textures are inconsistent.
  • MC-170584 – Structure taiga_meeting_point_2 from zombie villages has 1 misrotated log.
  • MC-170591 – Misrotated floor blocks in desert_tool_smith_1 basement.
  • MC-170773 – Recipe book and filtering craftable do not stay open for blast furnace and smoker when (re)loading the world.
  • MC-170836 – Cannot set the top of soul sand on fire.
  • MC-172025 – Several misrotated blocks at snowy_medium_house_2.
  • MC-172307 – All loaded tileticks instantly run in the first tick after loading the chunk.
  • MC-173367 – Arrows are floating in midair after being pushed by piston.
  • MC-173828 – Village church entrance does not generate correctly.
  • MC-174071 – Roof of savanna_mason_1 is cut off.
  • MC-174072 – Structure savanna_temple_2 contains one misrotated block.
  • MC-174073 – Two misrotated blocks in savanna_small_house_5.
  • MC-174075 – Misrotated block in savanna_butchers_shop_1.
  • MC-174076 – Inconsistent rotation of logs under windows in savanna_small_house_4.
  • MC-174077 – Structure snowy_library_1 no longer has snow under the roof.
  • MC-174078 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_armorer_house_2.
  • MC-174079 – Misrotated block at snowy_weapon_smith_1.
  • MC-174082 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_small_house_2.
  • MC-174083 – Three misrotated blocks in snowy_butchers_shop_1.
  • MC-174234 – Village structure snowy_masons_house_1 has two misrotated blocks.
  • MC-175171 – Fishing bobber can get stuck on a ledge when being reeled in.
  • MC-175201 – Misrotated floor block in savanna_small_house_1, savanna_small_house_2, savanna_small_house_3 and savanna_small_house_7.
  • MC-176644 – Observers don't trigger when a fence connects to a newly grown tree

Planned additions[edit]

World generation[edit]


Unconfirmed features[edit]

These features were mentioned during the development of Java Edition 1.16 or earlier, or during MINECON Live 2019, but have not been confirmed to be added in this update.


  • An in-game mechanism to see how many bees are in a hive may be added.[10]
Fletching tables
  • May get functionality. It was mentioned during the development of Village & Pillage that it would be added in "...the next major themed update..."[11]
    • Later statements said they "can't promise anything for 1.16," though nothing was firmly deconfirmed.[12]
    • As smithing tables received functionality in 20w10a, fletching tables might also receive functionality.


  • More mobs in general may be added.[13]
    • This was stated before the addition of the strider and zoglin, which may have fufilled this statement.

World generation[edit]

  • Another nether biome may be added.[15]


MINECON Live 2019[edit]

Screenshots of the Nether Update from MINECON Live 2019:

Subsequent screenshots[edit]

Concept artwork[edit]


  • Starting with 1.16, all version numbers will be the same for both the Java and Bedrock editions.[18]


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