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Minecraft 1.16
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Java Edition

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Nether Update[1]

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1.16, the first release of the Nether Update,[3] is an upcoming major update to Java Edition that overhauls the Nether, set to release in 2020.[2] This update was announced at MINECON Live 2019.[1] The update does not include the announced features for the mountains biome.[4]



Ancient debris
  • Can be found throughout the Nether at any altitude, though it is much more common at lower levels.
  • Can be refined into a netherite scrap by smelting in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • Same blast resistance as obsidian.
  • Inventory item floats on lava.
  • Cannot burn in lava or fire.
  • A diamond pickaxe or better is required to mine it.
  • Always spawns covered by lava and/or blocks on all sides
Block of netherite
Crimson and warped fungi
Crimson and warped nylium
  • Resemble grass blocks.
  • Can be spread to netherrack by using bonemeal on a netherrack block next to a nylium block.
Crimson and warped planks
Crimson and warped roots
Crimson and warped signs
Crimson and warped stems
  • Blocks that comprise the trunks of huge fungi.
  • Have animated textures.
  • Has a top texture similar to regular log blocks.
  • Can be placed directionally, similarly to logs.
  • Does not burn.
  • Have respective stripped variants.
Nether sprouts
  • Emits a light level of 15, similarly to glowstone.
  • Can be mined with any tool, but axes are the most efficient.
  • Generate as a part of huge fungi.
Soul fire
  • Blue variant of fire.
  • Fire lit on soul soil turns into soul fire regardless of dimension.
    • Burns forever, similar to regular fire on netherrack and magma blocks.
  • Generates naturally in the soul sand valley biome in the Nether .
  • Deals damage at a rate of 2♥ per second as opposed to the 1♥ per second of regular fire.
  • Does not extinguish when in the rain.[5]
Soul fire lantern
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal lantern, using a soul fire torch instead of a normal torch.
  • Have an animated texture.
Soul fire torch
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal torch, with soul soil being placed under the stick.
Soul soil
Warped wart block
  • A variation of the nether wart block.
  • Generates as a part of huge warped fungi. Sometimes generates in the ground replacing the warped nylium in warped forest biome.
Weeping vines
  • Generates in the crimson forest.
  • Is placed on the bottom of a block and grows downward.


Netherite armor
  • Crafted with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava, as a dropped item or when worn (players equipping netherite armor, however, can still take burning damage).
  • Floats in lava.
  • Grants one additional point of knockback resistance per item.
  • Tougher than diamond armor.
  • Has higher durability and enchantability than diamond.
Netherite axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel, and sword
  • Crafted with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava.
  • Floats in lava.
  • Has higher durability, mining level, breaking multiplier, and enchantability than diamond.
  • All items, except the hoe, deal 1 more damage than their diamond counterparts.
Netherite ingot
  • Created with 4 gold ingots and 4 netherite scraps.
  • Can be used to upgrade diamond tools and armor.
  • Floats in lava.
  • Cannot burn in lava.
Netherite scrap
  • Created by smelting ancient debris in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • Used to create netherite ingots.
  • Floats in lava.
  • Cannot burn in lava.
Spawn eggs


  • Spawn in crimson forests.
  • Attack players on sight.
  • Drop raw porkchop and occasionally leather.
  • Have an adult and baby variant.
  • Can be bred with crimson fungi.
  • Are hunted by adult piglins sometimes.
    • Are not hunted by baby piglins and baby hoglins are not hunted.
  • Avoid warped fungi.

World generation[edit]


Command format[edit]

  • Used to locate specific biomes.




  • Added ash, crimson_spore, soul_fire_flame, and warped_spore particles.
  • Added the zombified piglin entity texture.
  • Added the leather, chainmail, iron, golden, diamond and netherite helmet textures used for piglins.



Bamboo saplings
  • Renamed to "bamboo shoot".
  • Netherite blocks can be used as the base of a beacon.
  • Netherite ingots can be used as fuel for a beacon.
Bone blocks
  • Generate as part of nether fossils in soul sand valleys.
  • Changed the way to calculate the input signal.
    • First, if there is an adjacent container behind, it detects the signal from the container. If not, it detects the signal from redstone components.
    • Then, if it is not less than 15, the detected signal becomes the input signal. Otherwise, it also gets a signal from item frame and container behind separated by a redstone conductor block from the comparator, and take the maximum of the three as the input signal.
Flower pots
  • Has a bottom texture when empty.
Gravel and soul sand
  • Generate in the new soul sand valley biomes.
  • Using bone meal on netherrack adjacent to nylium converts it into nylium.
    • If two nylium blocks of different types are present, it chooses the type at random based on how many blocks of each type are around it.
Nether wart blocks
  • Generate as a part of huge crimson fungi. Sometimes generates in the ground replacing the crimson nylium in crimson forest biome.
  • Texture changed from Nether Wart Block JE2 BE2.png to Nether Wart Block JE3.png.
Pistons and sticky pistons
  • Hardness has been increased to 1.5.
  • Pickaxes are now more efficient on pistons.[7]
  • Pistons can now support non-solid blocks on its top face without them popping off when the piston retracts.[8]
Redstone dust
  • Has a bottom texture.
Smooth quartz
  • Renamed to "smooth quartz block".
  • Walls in the middle of a row have longer pillars when stacked vertically.
    • Block state now uses none, low, and tall for east, west, north, and south directional values.


  • Renamed to "clay ball".
Spawn eggs
  • Using a spawn egg on a mob that doesn't have a baby variant now spawns an adult of that mob type.


  • Now spawn in soul sand valleys and warped forests.
  • Can now pick up nylium, roots, and fungi variants.
  • No longer pick up netherrack.
  • Sounds are now heard at a shorter range.
  • Now spawn in soul sand valleys.
  • Now spawn in soul sand valleys.
Zombie pigmen
  • Now spawn in crimson forests.

World generation[edit]

  • Biomes in the Nether may now differ based on altitude.
  • Alongside mushrooms, huge crimson and warped fungi can generate over y=128 in the nether.
Nether biome
  • The old "Nether" biome is now called "Nether wastes".

Command format[edit]

  • The message shown when running an unknown/incomplete command has changed.


Knockback resistance
  • Is now a scale of the amount of knockback taken instead of a probability to take no knockback.
  • Patrols no longer spawn when the player is close to any intact village.
Recipe book
  • Updated block sounds for bone blocks, netherrack, soul sand, nether wart blocks, nether bricks (and variants), and nether quartz ore.
  • Player can reset their spawn point using a bed when hostile mobs are near, although players still cannot sleep when hostile mobs are near.


  • Piglins and Hoglins are now required for "Monster Hunter" and "Monsters Hunted" advancements.
Debug menu
  • When outside the world's vertical area, the debug menu no longer lists 'minecraft:the_void' as the biome.
    • Instead, it simply hides the biome information.
  • Added new nether wood material.
    • Uses the wood material color.
    • Uses default properties.
  • Improved entity shadows to the ground.
  • Added crimson and warped wooden items to the planks, standing_signs, wall_signs, wooden_buttons, wooden_doors, wooden_fences, wooden_pressure_plates, wooden_slabs, wooden_stairs, and wooden_trapdoors block tags.
  • Added crimson and warped wooden items to the planks, signs, wooden_buttons, wooden_doors, wooden_fences, wooden_pressure_plates, wooden_slabs, wooden_stairs, and wooden_trapdoors item tags.
  • Updated block tag enderman_holdable.
  • The slabs block and item tags now use the respective wooden_slabs tag.


87 issues fixed
  • MC-2591 – Walking over the corner of lava deals damage.
  • MC-10727 – Player and entity shadows experience z-fighting with redstone.
  • MC-17431 – Shift-clicking stacked items with a data tag into the enchanting table GUI removes data tags from the moved item.
  • MC-45619 – Water, signs, vines, torches, etc. in the same block as item frame break item frame's redstone signal.
  • MC-52178 – Cape does not move down while sneaking and detaches from body while sneaking.
  • MC-59363 – Items in item frames are deleted if both mouse buttons are used simultaneously.
  • MC-64871 – Can't sleep while on fire, even with Fire Resistance.
  • MC-65951 – Armor stands fall through fences.
  • MC-75328 – /clear doesn't clear items in the inventory crafting grid.
  • MC-79944 – Various statistics overflow at 32-bit integer limit.
  • MC-82235 – Baby pigs turn into adult zombie pigmen when struck by lightning.
  • MC-85527 – Shulkers opening into blocks.
  • MC-89043 – Slime blocks moved by pistons often fail to bounce up the player.
  • MC-92889 – Mending does not always consume experience if the player wears items with mending that are already fully repaired.
  • MC-93198 – Throwing potions or throwable projectiles causes both hands to bob up and down.
  • MC-93477 – Shulkers opening into shulker.
  • MC-93631 – Pistons pop off blocks attached to their back when retracting.
  • MC-93813 – Snow golems throwing snowballs play arrow shooting sound.
  • MC-94094 – Snow golems don't drop their pumpkin when sheared.
  • MC-94730 – Endermen become passive when teleporting randomly during day while being aggressive.
  • MC-96436 – Eggs, snowballs, and experience bottles break instantly when thrown while riding a horse.
  • MC-97958 – Small slime has no jump or squish sound.
  • MC-101084 – Held items/blocks appear to bob down and up when opening horse's inventory
  • MC-103655 – Cats do not stand up when using right-click on them while they are sitting on chests or beds.
  • MC-109370 – Bottom face of column blocks is rotated 180 degrees.
  • MC-109844en_us.json contains unused strings.
  • MC-109850 – Redstone wire does not have a bottom texture.
  • MC-111133 – Piston pushing opened shulker makes said shulker glitch.
  • MC-112630 – Carrot on a stick cannot be broken.
  • MC-113381 – Falling dust particles of anvil and concrete powder blocks are black.
  • MC-114304 – Retracting piston pushes entities standing behind the back of it.
  • MC-120335 – Flower pot bottom texture is not rendered because of incorrect uv values in the model file.
  • MC-122187 – Teleported to coordinates wrong when teleporting entities relatively.
  • MC-122335 – Projectiles go through an entity if it is close to a player or a snow golem.
  • MC-122715/teleport command no longer prevents teleporting to invalid coordinates.
  • MC-131440 – The message for trying to sleep at the wrong time implies that players can sleep only during a thunderstorm at night.
  • MC-131770 – Rain particles appear one block below the water or lava surface.
  • MC-132607 – Splitting slimes and magma cubes do not copy NoAI value.
  • MC-132967 – Mushrooms show as green dots on map.
  • MC-133088 – Missing translation string death.attack.magic.player.
  • MC-134162 – Item entities can break turtle eggs.
  • MC-134481 – Typo in en_us.json: "Status requst has been handled".
  • MC-135034 – Burning mobs are extinguished by snow in cold biomes, but not in snowy biomes.
  • MC-135151 – Typo in en_us.json: "An error occured!".
  • MC-136063 – Incorrect spacing for "entity.minecraft.tropical_fish.type.sunstreak"s value.
  • MC-136868 – Ignited TNT, arrow or trident turns black when it falls on soul sand or snow layers.
  • MC-138402 – Waterlogged walls "connect" to water source blocks above.
  • MC-138600 – Cats do not bring gifts if they have already decided to sit on the user's bed.
  • MC-140544 – Pickaxes do not speed up piston breaking.
  • MC-148067 – Snow Golems Damaged by Snowfall in Mountain/Cold Biomes.
  • MC-148474 – Sloped powered detector rails break when pushed or pulled by a piston.
  • MC-149052 – Stonecutter recipe list does not show item tooltips.
  • MC-149776 – Cartography table requires string for the recipe to show up in the recipe book.
  • MC-150020 – Composter is in the "Miscellaneous" category instead of "Decoration" like the other workstation blocks.
  • MC-154867 – Tamed cats remain sitting if the world is reloaded while the cat is sitting on a chest.
  • MC-155977 – Enchanting a book makes the book lose its name.
  • MC-158807 – Players can remove cursed enchantments on items by repairing them in inventory.
  • MC-159300 – Villagers that have been infected by a zombie can despawn, even if they have been traded with.
  • MC-159672 – Vex will occasionally try to attack the player in creative/spectator.
  • MC-159773 – Shulkers can teleport to non-solid faces, and do not teleport to some solid faces.
  • MC-159918 – Foxes do not run from polar bears.
  • MC-159963 – Minecarts can break turtle eggs.
  • MC-160053 – Enderman keeps following the player after becoming neutral/passive.
  • MC-160897 – Dropping an item using the drop key displays the hand animation but dropping items from within the inventory does not.
  • MC-161259 – Using the carrot on a stick while riding a pig plays no hand animation.
  • MC-163286/setblock ~ ~ ~ air destroy does not destroy liquids.
  • MC-164184 – Breaking a shulker box with contents in Creative mode drops the block at an incorrect location.
  • MC-166245 – No sound for shearing snow golems.
From the 1.15.x releases
  • MC-160902 – Arm swings when right-clicking on full minecart.
  • MC-161156 – Silverfish and endermites appear black on soul sand.
  • MC-162881 – Composter does not display particles when being fed composting items through a hopper.
  • MC-164158 – Lava doesn't emit smoke during rainfall.
  • MC-164948 – Entity shadow renders through transparent blocks.
  • MC-167077 – Foxes sleep on top of honey blocks, even in broad daylight.
  • MC-167447 – Wrong RenderStateShard name.
  • MC-167512 – Glass in the hand is rendered differently depending on the "Clouds" setting.
  • MC-167561 – All players can make a dog stand up or sit down.
  • MC-167669 – Piston collision issue.
  • MC-167692 – Infested blocks don't spawn silverfish when blown up.
  • MC-167989 – Spawn point is not set when monsters are nearby.
  • MC-168540 – Threads created by net.minecraft.Util.backgroundExecutor() have misleading names.
  • MC-168772 – Experience orbs can crush turtle eggs.
  • MC-169679 – Composters do not make sounds when fed by hoppers.
  • MC-169692 – Entity shadow floats slightly above the ground.
  • MC-169832 – Transparent item models have inconsistent rendering when a glowing entity is present.
  • MC-170128 – Cannot build an EntityType without a datafixer due to an IllegalArgumentException.
  • MC-172025 – Several misrotated blocks at snowy_medium_house_2.

Planned additions[edit]


Target Block.png Target block[1]
  • Emits a redstone signal when shot with an arrow.
    • Signal is stronger depending on how close the arrow is to the center of the block. The signal strength goes up to 15.

World generation[edit]

  • Fortifications built by piglins that are found in the Nether.[1]

Planned changes[edit]


Zombified Piglin.png Zombie pigmen
  • Will be renamed to zombified piglins.[9][1]
  • Will get a new texture and model to match piglins [10]

More mobs in general will be added.[11]


  • Players can respawn in the Nether.

Unconfirmed features[edit]

These features were mentioned during the development of Java Edition 1.16 or earlier, or during MINECON Live 2019, but have not been confirmed to be added in this update.

  • The feature of pigs transforming to zombie pigmen when struck by lightning may be removed.[13] However, since the bug involving piglets transforming into adult zombie pigmen was fixed, it might not get removed after all.
Smithing table and fletching table
  • May get functionality. It was mentioned during the development of Village & Pillage that it would be added in "...the next major themed update..."[14][15]
Fog and sky color
  • Changes in color may appear less abrupt.[16]
  • There might be another biome added in the future.[17]


MINECON Live 2019[edit]

Screenshots of the Nether Update from MINECON Live 2019:

Subsequent screenshots[edit]

Concept artwork[edit]


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