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Minecraft 1.15

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1.15 is an upcoming major update to Java Edition with no set release date.[1] The official name for this update is currently unknown. This update adds bees and bee-related items, such as bee hives, honey bottles and honeycombs. Alongside adding bees, this update will focus on fixing bugs and improving performance,[2] as well as adding numerous features that were originally Bedrock Edition exclusives.[3]



Bee nests
  • Spawn naturally in flower forests, plains, and sunflower plains biomes.
  • Can house bees.
  • Fills up with honey.
    • The amount of honey in the bee nest increases as bees gather nectar and return to their nest.
    • The player can harvest honeycombs and honey bottles from the nest using shears and glass bottles respectively.
    • If the player breaks or harvests honey from the nest, the bees will become hostile on the player.
      • Bees inside the nest will not turn hostile if it is harvested with Silk Touch, but bees outside the nest will.
      • Bees will not turn hostile if there is a campfire underneath the nest when honeycombs or honey bottles are harvested.
  • Is a block entity and cannot be pushed by pistons.
  • When instantly mined in Creative mode, they will drop as an item.
Bee hives


Honey bottles
  • Restores 6 (Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg) and 2.4 saturation.
  • Removes the Poison effect when consumed.
  • Can be used to craft 3 sugar.
  • Obtained by using a bottle on bee hives/nests with a honey_level of 5.
  • Obtained by using shears on bee hives/nests with a honey_level of 5.
  • Can be used to craft bee hives.
Spawn eggs
  • Added bee spawn egg.


  • Have 10Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg health.
  • Live in groups near hives and nests.
    • If a bee does not have a home nest, it will wander until it finds one.
    • Can hide inside hives.
      • Maximum of 3 bees per nest.
  • When attacked, all bees from the same hive try to attack the original attacker.
    • The same happens when their hive or nest is destroyed.
      • Placing a campfire under the nest will make the bees passive.
    • Have an  Anger data tag, which defaults to zero.
      • When the bee is attacked, this tag is set to around 700 ticks.
    • When they attack, they give poison to the target for 10 seconds and then they die 50–60 seconds after attacking.
    • When bees attack the player, their eyes will turn red.
    • Affected by the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.
  • Can be bred using any type of flower, including wither roses.
    • They will follow any player holding a small or tall flower.
      • If the player holds still the bees will land around them.
  • Will hover around flowers and will enter a "pollinated" state after some time. When pollinated, pale white particles will come off them. The bee will also have its texture changed to include dots similar in color to the pollen particles.
    • Bees will try to pollinate wither roses despite the fact that they are harmed by the wither effect they give.
    • When they pollinate flowers a small popping noise is heard.
    • Will return to their nest after entering the "pollinated" state.
    • A pollinated bee can accelerate the growth of crops and sweet berry bushes it passes.
    • After enough bees enter a bee nest in the pollinated state, the bee nest will be filled with honey.
  • Will try to avoid water.
  • Being killed by a bee sting results in new death message: "<player> was stung to death".


  • New particles: dripping_honeyfalling_honeyfalling_nectarlanding_honey.

Command format

Loot tables
  • New function:
    • copy_state – Copies state properties from dropped block to BlockStateTag in dropped item.
      • Parameters:
        • block – source of properties (block ID).
        • properties – list of property names. All must be present on block.


  • Added minecraft:bee_growables, minecraft:beehives, minecraft:crops, minecraft:flowers, and minecraft:tall_flowers block tags.
  • Added minecraft:beehive_inhabitors entity tag.
  • Added minecraft:flowers and minecraft:tall_flowers item tags.
  • Added textures for a wax block and crystallized honey item.
    • These are currently unobtainable in-game.



  • Will now ring if powered with a redstone signal.
  • Can now be extinguished with a shovel.
  • Blocks that can be manually placed on farmland without turning it into dirt can now also be pushed into it by a piston without turning the farmland under the block the piston has pushed into dirt.
Redstone comparators
  • Can now detect how much honey is inside bee hives and bee nests.
    • The output strength is equal to the amount of honey in the hive.
Wet sponges




Iron golems, magma cubes, ocelots, and slimes
  • Nitwit villagers no longer have a leveling gemstone in their belt.


  • Item predicate in advancements now makes a distinction between actual enchantments and stored enchantments, like ones stored in enchanted books.
    • stored_enchantments is used to match stored enchantments.
Hardcore mode
  • Hardcore game worlds now prompt to return to the menu on the death screen.
  • If a player tries to sleep in a bed that is occupied by a villager, the villager is now kicked out of the bed.
  • Trying to sleep during the daytime will now set the player's spawn location to that bed.


Chunk format
  • Biome information now stores Y-coordinates, allowing biomes to be changed based on height; previously, biome information only stored X and Z coordinates.
    • The  Biomes array in the  Level tag for each chunk now contains 1024 integers instead of 256.
Game library updates
  • Minecraft now requires OpenGL 2.0.
Loot tables
  • Entities are now set for block loot tables in some cases where it was not previously.
  • Obfuscation maps are now published with all future versions of the game, including this one.
    • Does not change the existing restrictions on what may or may not be done with game code or assets.
    • Links to the obfuscation mappings are included as part of the version's accompanying .json file.


73 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.15
  • MC-849 – Eating a food item, drinking a potion, curing a zombie, and feeding an animal all have a chance of also consuming a second food item, potion, etc, without any animation
  • MC-2958 – Custom mobs and normal Vexes drop equipped items with looting despite DropChances set to 0
  • MC-3984 – A re-created Hardcore game is not Hardcore unless game modes are cycled through and reset to Hardcore
  • MC-10209 – "Allow Cheats" and "Bonus Chest" buttons get unlocked after entering superflat/buffet customization options.
  • MC-13884 – Hanging snow golems don't throw snowballs
  • MC-15862 – A dying enderman teleports away if it falls into water and takes experience to its teleport destination
  • MC-28447 – Speed effect stops working after switching dimensions but resumes after sprinting
  • MC-29386 – Health boost not showing additional hearts when switching dimensions
  • MC-30646 – Hardcore game is not deleted
  • MC-42248 – Placing lily pads does not have a hand animation in third-person
  • MC-47091 – Slimes, magma cubes, ocelots, and iron golems do not use generic.attackDamage attribute
  • MC-60634 – Spawn egg use animation not shown when using on animal
  • MC-63720 – Banners do not move in the wind when over certain "Time" value of the level.dat
  • MC-74762 – Under certain circumstances chunks can swap or reset.
  • MC-88179 – Armor bar disappears after changing dimension until GUI update
  • MC-88209 – Endermen make stare sound even when provoked by attacking
  • MC-101700 – Missing server-side check in enderman teleport
  • MC-101725 – Enderman takes continuous damage from cacti and magma blocks
  • MC-102267 – Certain mobs do not take damage on magma blocks.
  • MC-103313 – Hitbox of slime and magma cube is offset for some seconds.
  • MC-107941 – Shooting, summoning or editing an arrow and reloading the world gives potion particles
  • MC-110531 – Eye of ender item up and down
  • MC-110907 – Curse of vanishing does not work in some places
  • MC-114715 – Mobs picking up items can drop their current item even with drop chance of 0
  • MC-115567 – The enderman stare sound does not play if it was spawned less than 20 seconds ago
  • MC-115643 – Cannot hear punching blocks with "Friendly Creatures" volume off.
  • MC-117914 – Entities crossing dimensions through nether portal causes tremendous lag
  • MC-123307/execute store can modify player data inside item "tags" of their Inventory or EnderItems
  • MC-123686 – Old chests disappear when updating to 1.8+
  • MC-125810 – Carved pumpkin cannot be enchanted in survival mode
  • MC-125880 – Recipe book rejects bows with Damage:0 tag when crafting dispensers
  • MC-127094 – Arm animation is not executed in certain circumstances
  • MC-133255 – Cartographers generate maps for existing mansions and monuments rather than unexplored ones.
  • MC-135098 – Animal spawn eggs occasionally spawn baby animals
  • MC-136074 – Enderman can teleport onto waterlogged blocks
  • MC-136352 – Tools from creative inventory/crafting do not have Damage:0 set until relog
  • MC-136470 – Buckets' CanPlaceOn NBT check is applied to the block behind
  • MC-142848 – Hitbox and eye level of polar bear is not adjusted when attacking
  • MC-142918 – The stonecutter does not allow custom recipe inputs to be shift-clicked in.
  • MC-144688 – Projectiles (snowballs, etc) do not preserve item data if using the item depletes the stack
  • MC-144766 – Chunks stop rendering in respawn screen
  • MC-145179 – data modify modifies player item data but shows error message
  • MC-145587 – Endermen will teleport into water (without taking damage) to dodge a projectile
  • MC-148562 – Obsidian towers in The End biome are not generated as intended.
  • MC-148865 – Title screen panorama turns white after clicking "Delete World" in Hardcore mode
  • MC-149231 – Dragon egg culls the top of cactus.
  • MC-150202 – Chunks sometimes are dislocated/copied to another location.
  • MC-151354 – Cannot rearrange servers with shortcut.
  • MC-152100 – When using a brewing stand, the player cannot put blaze powder into the slot using the shift key.
  • MC-152172 – Cartography table plays the sound multiple times overlapping on shift-click.
  • MC-152173 – Loom plays the sound multiple times overlapping on shift-click.
  • MC-152751 – Horse armor can occasionally be duplicated when killing a horse wearing it with Looting III
  • MC-152839 – Screen is shaking on death
  • MC-153661 – Villagers always ring bells in the same direction, even if that should not be possible
  • MC-153820 – The entity_properties block loot table condition only works for players
  • MC-154280 – The nitwit has a badge, even though unemployed villagers do not because they cannot trade
  • MC-154873 – When breaking a block with an enchanted book with Silk Touch on it, the block drops itself
  • MC-156276 – Cannot shift-click while riding a horse, within inventory.
  • MC-156852 – Ghost blocks remain when insta-mining; reappearance of MC-5694.
  • MC-156856 – Ravager pathfinding AI becomes broken when ravager encounters a pillager patrol
  • MC-156876 – In desert_small_house_7, one door is open.
  • MC-156884 – Bows sometimes do not use the correct texture when being drawn in creative mode.
  • MC-156952 – Village tree center has leaves that are persistent.
  • MC-157136 – Villagers restocking is not properly tracked.
  • MC-157494 – Tamed animals no longer teleport to players properly
  • MC-158677 – Ender dragon freezes the server if there's no end stone in the end
  • MC-158853 – Chests missing after converting and loading old map from 1.7.10
  • MC-158978 – "Create New World" button in the world creation menu is enabled after returning from the world customize menu, allowing world names to be left blank
  • MC-158988 – Minecraft will remove up to several hundred chunks per region if region file is not exact multiple of 4096 bytes.
  • MC-159785 – Cloned block contains same item in memory
  • MC-160123 – Large ferns no longer drop seeds
Private issues
  • MC-11944 – Able to replace end portal with buckets in hand or dispenser.[2]
  • MC-140507 – Overloading a chunk with data will cause it to revert to its old state.[3]


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