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The Creative inventory is filled with a wide variety of items.

Items are objects that exist only within the player's inventory and hands; that is, they cannot be directly placed in the game world.


Some items, when used, place a block or entity version of themselves into the game world. Put simply, they are an item when in the inventory, and a block when placed. For example, boats turn into an entity when placed, and beds turn into a group of blocks when placed. When selected in the hotbar, items briefly display their names above the HUD.

The only method by which items can be properly displayed within the game environment is with the use of item frames.

List of items


Items that create blocks, fluids or entities

Items with use in the world

Items with indirect use in the world

The player cannot interact with or directly use these items. Some are decorative (such as banners), some are informative (such as a clock or compass), and many can be used for trading, brewing or as crafting ingredients for other items that do have direct uses.

Education Edition only

These items can be accessed only in Education Edition. The portfolio and camera are obtainable through Creative mode and the /give command.

Unimplemented items

Some items are unimplemented, or have been mentioned to be implemented in the future.

Removed items

Removed items no longer exist in current versions of the game.



Java Edition Classic
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTArrows were added as an object and were fired by pressing Tab ↹.
Java Edition Indev
December 31, 2009Added the inventory, and with it, the first "non-tile" items.
Notch was hard at work making items and the inventory fully functional.[1][2]
0.31January 11, 2010, 1Added the first functioning items: iron shovel, iron pickaxe, iron axe, and flint and steel.
Because the crafting system did not exist at this point, these items were automatically added to the inventory after creating a new world.[3]
Apples were added, but they currently serve no function.
January 22, 2010Can now place blocks on resource items
Dropped items now experience gravity.
January 24, 2010Can now drop a whole stack of items instead of just one at a time.
January 28, 2010Items are now 3D.
January 29, 2010Added crafting.
Right-clicking drops one of a stack.
Added the following items: diamonds (originally emeralds), iron ingots, gold ingots, sticks, bowls, mushrooms, mushroom stew, bows, signs, pickaxes, swords, shovels, and axes (iron, diamond, and golden).
January 30, 2010Crafting improved; now has 36 recipes.
Java Edition
1.3.112w15aStackable items now stack outside inventory when thrown to the ground individually.
1.814w25aAll items are now models, some are still generated from item icons.
Resource packs can make models for all items.
1.1317w49aItems can be "tagged" with an ID.


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