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Iron Blocks, Iron Ingots, Iron Nuggets, and Iron Ore.

Iron may refer to:

Blocks and items[edit]

  • Iron Ingot − an item created by smelting Iron ore, used for crafting.
  • Iron Ore − an ore found underground, and the item obtained by mining it.
  • Iron Nugget − an item obtained by smelting Iron tools, weapons, or armor in a furnace. It can be gotten from Bartering.
  • Block of Iron − a block used for compact Iron storage, to create Iron Golems and to create the base/pyramid for a Beacon.
  • Iron Bars − a block that functions exactly like glass panes.
  • Iron - an element included in the Education Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Mobs and entities[edit]

  • Iron Golem − a neutral mob which targets neutral or hostile mobs to protect villagers.

Tools, weapons, and armor[edit]


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