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Instant Health

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Instant Health is a instant status effect which increases health for living mobs and damages the undead.


Instantly heals 2 (Heart.svg) × 2level. Undead mobs (including the wither) are damaged as if with Instant Damage, instead. If the effect is forced to last longer than one tick, it will heal entities every tick (with the exception of lingering potions, which only heal every second). Levels 30–32 provide no healing. Amplifiers outside the range 0–31 (corresponding to levels 1–32) are used modulo 32.


Cause Potency Heals Length Notes
Potion of Healing I 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) Instant Witches drink this potion when damaged.
Potion of Healing II II 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) Instant Two of these potions can be found on a brewing stand in end ships.
Splash Potion of Healing I 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) Instant Witches throw one of these two during raids.
Splash Potion of Healing II II 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) Instant Witches throw one of these two during raids.
Lingering Potion of Healing I 2 (Heart.svg) per second
10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) total
Lingering Potion of Healing II II 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) per second
20 (Heart.svg × 10) total
Arrow of Healing I 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) Instant
Arrow of Healing II II 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) Instant
Villager ? Instant Only when waking up at dawn after sleeping through the night.


Potion Reagent, Base Extended Enhanced Effects

Potion of Healing

Potion of Healing
Instant Health
Restores 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) per potion.

Instant Health II
Restores 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) per potion.

Immune mobs[edit]

Effects vary on undeadness, but no mobs are immune.[needs testing]

Data values[edit]


Potion Name ID‌[JE only] Numeric ID‌[BE only]
Healing healing 21
Healing II strong_healing 22
Effect Name ID Numeric ID
Instant Health instant_health 6


Java Edition
??Added Instant Health.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0 build 1 Added Instant Health, which unobtainable.
0.12.1 build 1 Instant health now obtained from Potion of Healing and splash potion of healing.
0.14.0 build 1 Added Witch that can grant instant health by drinking potion.
0.15.0 build 1 Added Arrow of Healing that inflict instant health.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0 alpha Instant health can be obtained from Lingering potion of healing.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.11.0 beta Villager get healed after wake up from bed.