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Java Edition Infdev 20100624

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Minecraft Infdev
Infdev 2010-06-24.png

Java Edition

Release date

June 24, 2010


Client (.json)
No corresponding server

The twenty-first version of Minecraft Infdev was released on June 24, 2010.[1]



  • New save file format
    • (made world files huge)
  • Tweaked rail laying code
  • New crash report screen
  • Minecart inventory texture changed


  • Better FPS
  • Less crashes


  • When turning on a minecart track while riding a minecart, cameras turn in the opposite direction of the minecart (e.g. minecart turns left, camera turns right).
  • Minecarts have unopenable ghost chests in them.
  • Traveling millions of blocks away results in floating point precision errors in the player's hitbox.