Infdev (February 27, 2010)

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Infdev 0227.png
Release date

February 27, 2010



Protocol version


The first version of Minecraft Infdev was released on February 27, 2010.[1]



Golden Apples

World generation[edit]

Brick pyramids
  • Generates at the exact same positions regardless of world seed[verify]
Obsidian walls
  • Generate at 0 on X and Z axis
Far Lands
  • At X/Z: 1,024 the skybox around the world stops rendering, giving way to a blank light blue sky. At around X/Z: 16,384 blocks away, a noticeable sound glitch begins to take shape. It will always sound like the player is walking on a block, even when they are standing still. At around X/Z: 65,536 blocks away, the hit box begins to lose it's shape. At X/Z: 131,072 the gaps between chunks begin to become jumpy and distorted. These effects begin to double every exponent of two that you walk from here. At X/Z: 2,097,152 the effects become so severe that the world seems to not render completely at certain angles. At X/Z ±16,777,216 blocks are no longer solid, allowing the player to fall and hit a layer of lava. At X/Z ±33,554,432 the Far Lands start to generate. They look very different from the normal Far Lands as they are just a giant wall of stone blocks that go from sea level to the height limit. At X/Z ±2,147,483,647 where terrain disappears completely. Beyond here, the game crashes.


  • A 1536x1536 test skybox, which is completely blue (hex:#0000FF).


  • The player spawns with 999 glass and 990 wooden planks in new worlds.
  • The world now generates "infinitely", as it does in modern versions.
  • Entities "no longer work".
    • As a result, mobs no longer spawn, third person view does not render the player (however the camera is still pulled out), blocks no longer drop anything, and dropping items effectively deletes them.
  • The terrain generates much like it did during Classic.
  • Map theme, map shape, and map type no longer have any effect, as all Infdev maps are the same.
  • Level saving is no longer functional, as saving a level produces an empty .mclevel file.