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Version history/Indev

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This is not an official version history or changelog. For the official list, please visit the Minecraft website.
For versions 1.11 and prior, please check the Mojang website.
For versions prior to Beta 1.8, please check Notch's blog, the Word of Notch.

A (?) denotes version's info here is guess-work, possibly incorrect.

The Indev development phase started on December 23, 2009 and ended on February 27, 2010. It was preceded by Classic and followed by Infdev. Indev means: "In development"

Version Title/Number Date of Addition Additions Summary
Minecraft Indev February 23, 2010
  • Making bread takes less wheat
  • Water works better
  • Busting log gives the block instead of planks
  • Cobblestone smeltable into normal stone
  • Paintings added
February 19, 2010
  • Furnace block added
  • Loot changed
  • Sheep drops nothing
  • Pig drops porkchops
  • Creepers drop Gunpowder
  • Spiders drop String
  • Skeletons drop Arrows
  • Zombies drop Feathers
  • Flint and Steel can be crafted
February 18, 2010
February 14, 2010
  • Paradise and Woods theme
February 12, 2010
  • Armor is tested
  • Day/night cycle
February 9, 2010
  • New armor model made
February 6, 2010
0.31 February 5, 2010
  • Difficulty slider
  • Peaceful causes health to regenerate and makes no monsters spawn
  • Rana removed
  • Black Steve removed
  • Beast Boy removed
  • Steve (mob) removed
February 4, 2010
  • Animals only spawn in bright areas
  • Monsters only in dark areas
  • Pathfinding tweaked
February 4, 2010
  • Mobs can avoid cliffs, lava etc.
February 2, 2010
  • Old mobs in MD3 format added
February 1, 2010
  • Flint and Steel available from mobs
  • Need pickaxe to mine stone
  • Harder materials require better tools
  • Title screen added, dirt background moves up
  • Tools take damage
  • Better tools last longer
January 31, 2010
  • Water texture seen while underwater
  • Support for old mob models
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Steve (Not the MD3 mob) is re-added(?)
January 30, 2010
  • Emerald now diamond
  • Improved crafting - now 36 recipes
  • Scoreboard on the top right is removed
January 29, 2010
January 28, 2010
  • Items have 3D likeness
  • Player stats placeholder is removed
January 26, 2010
  • Player now spawns in the Indev House with chests full of nearly every block and all available tools
  • Gears added
January 25, 2010
  • Block particles
  • Explosions lose power when going through stronger materials
  • Fixes
  • The item switching block glitch is fixed
January 24, 2010
  • Chests
  • Arrow sound effect
  • Can drop whole stack of items instead of one at a time
  • The axe is repositioned to the left
January 22, 2010
  • Liquid spawner in level generator
  • Fluids can spawn above sea level and on floating islands
  • Less flooded caves
  • Working Bow and Arrow
  • Local saving and loading
  • Better explosions
  • Can place blocks on resource items
  • Resource items will be pushed off
  • The right side of the double-sided axe is removed, making the axe face right
January 13, 2010
  • Finite water, always drains from highest remove location
  • Oceans have infinite water
  • Water doesn't move on surface it's on
  • Won't spread out over unfilled water surfaces, if it has an empty space next to it
  • Will evaporate (2/3 probability) or copy (1/3)
  • Rana is not the player model anymore in the inventory, as nothing is in it now
January 11, 2010
  • Fullscreen mode accessible via F11
January 10, 2010
  • Lava sets fire to flammable materials
  • All items and mobs can catch fire
  • Added shovels, pickaxes and axes to gather different materials 400% faster
  • Apple added
  • Added Flint and Steel, which places fire
  • Islands have more sand
  • Your character is Rana shown in the inventory screen, shown as a placeholder
  • New Bugs
  • While switching items during mining something, the block goes crazy and spazzes out
January 9, 2010
  • Fire added
  • Light reaches farther
  • Torches slightly dimmer
January 7, 2010
  • Deep floating maps have layers of islands
  • Level theme selection (normal, hell)
January 6, 2010
  • Level type selection (island, floating, flat, original)
  • Level shape (square, long, deep)
  • Level size (small, normal, huge)
January 5, 2010
  • New sound engine
  • Fixes
  • TNT bug is fixed(?)
December 25, 2009
  • Isometric level rendering screenshot added
  • Inventory screen
  • Functionless non-block items
  • Items lying on ground
  • Can drop items and blocks
  • Can pick up items and blocks
  • Survival mode reintroduced
  • Player stats are added as a placeholder in the Inventory screen
December 23, 2009
  • Leaves give shadow
  • Grass grows in slightly lit areas
  • Torches added
  • Indev House now spawn with Torches
  • New Bugs
  • While placing two TNT or more, break the TNT under, the floor turns into Wood Planks
December 23, 2009
  • Indev released- is creative mode with Rana and dynamic lighting
  • Giants no longer spawn
  • Indev House added

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