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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Illusioners are unused spell-casting illager mobs equipped with bows.


Illusioners have no spawn egg in the creative inventory. It can only be spawned using the /summon illusioner command.

Unlike other illagers, illusioners do not spawn in woodland mansions, nor, similar to the unused giant mob, do they naturally spawn in any particular biome.


When killed by a player, any naturally spawned equipment (including their bow) has an 8.5% (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II and 11.5% with Looting III) chance of dropping and will drop with a random durability.

An invisible illusioner captain and its four copies strafing and charging its bow.

Illusioners will also drop 1 Illager Banner.png ominous banner, if it is a raid captain.


An illusioner's four false duplicates. The real illusioner is invisible.

Though they will not naturally spawn in raids, illusioners spawned by the player will attack players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders within about 12 blocks if a raid occurs. It will attack with its spells, and with its bow. It is the only illager that can see its target through walls. An illusioner will always try to maintain a consistent distance between itself and the player. They will quickly back off if the player gets too close.

The illusioner has two spells: a spell that blinds its opponent, and a spell that summons duplicates and makes the illusioner invisible.

Casting blindness

The blindness spell will only be cast if the regional difficulty is greater than 2.

Upon first engaging a new opponent, an illusioner casts a Blindness effect that lasts for 20 seconds. It signals this attack by raising its arms, making a strange horn-like sound, and producing black smoke (). The illusioner will not cast this spell more than once on the same opponent, unless it has first shifted its attention to another opponent, and then back to that original opponent.

This spell resets the illusioner's spell cooldown to 1 second, and resets the cooldown for the blinding spell to 9 seconds.

Summoning duplicates

As long as an illusioner is engaged in combat, it will cast an Invisibility effect on itself that lasts 60 seconds, and will refresh the effect whenever the Invisibility's time runs out. It signals this spell by raising its arms, making a strange high pitched sound, and producing blue smoke ().

When an illusioner becomes invisible – through this or any other method – it creates four false duplicates of itself. These hover and waver at short distances from the actual invisible illusioner, though they will not really space themselves out until the first time the illusioner is ever attacked. These duplicates face in exactly the same direction as the illusioner, and move somewhat in step with the original, sometimes appearing to no-clip through walls, ceilings, and floors. They will use the shooting animation whenever the original uses its bow, though only the real illusioner can shoot and be damaged.

Eventually, if the clones were not triggered and are still bunched together, they will eventually move to new positions. The Illusioner can also do this once in a while to "refresh" the clones positions.

When the real illusioner is damaged, its duplicates all snap back to where the real illusioner is, then quickly snap back out to new positions, signaling the hit.

If an invisible illusioner receives the Glowing effect, all of the duplicates will glow, while the true illusioner will remain invisible.

The duplicates dissipate once the illusioner's Invisibility effect ends.

This spell resets the illusioner's spell cooldown to 1 second, and resets the cooldown for the invisibility spell to 17 seconds.

Data values

Illusioners have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.


Java Edition
1.1217w16aAdded illusioners.
17w17aThe Illusioner's blindness spell now will be cast only if the regional difficulty is 3 or above.
Illusioners now have new sound effects.
17w17bThe Illusioner's blindness spell now will be cast only if the regional difficulty is greater than 2.
1.13pre5The entity ID for illusioners has now been changed from illusion_illager to illusioner.
1.1418w46aAdded a loot table to illusioners.


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  • Illusioners cannot attack when any non-bow item is in its hand (using commands).
  • Illusioners hold bows in a different direction compared to skeletons (diagonally).
  • Illusioners cannot use tipped arrows that are in its offhand slot (using commands).
  • Illusioners have data for spawning in raids, despite not being included in them, according to Cojomax99.