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An illager is a type of hostile mob that has features resembling a villager, wandering trader, zombie villager and witch. Illagers are "exiled", "outcast", or "offshoot" villagers because they pursue and attack players, villagers (only adult ‌[BE only]), wandering traders, snow golems[BE only] and iron golems.


Illager types[edit]

  • Evoker — summons vexes and evoker fangs. Spawns in woodland mansions and raids.
  • Illusioner[JE only][unused mob] — attacks with a bow, may inflict Blindness and summon duplicates while becoming invisible.
  • Pillager — attacks with a crossbow. Passive when unarmed (JE only). Spawns in patrols, pillager outposts, and raids.
  • Ravager — May be ridden by pillagers or evokers during raids.
    • Ravagers can also be ridden by vindicators during raids.‌[JE only]
  • Vindicator — attacks with an iron axe; break wooden doors in normal or hard modes‌[JE only] during raids‌[BE only]. Spawns in woodland mansions or raids.
    • Sometimes they may spawn in patrols, in Hard difficulty.‌[BE only]

Specific Criteria[edit]

There are 3 specific criteria for a mob to be considered an illager:

  1. "Johnny" vindicators do not attack the mob.
  2. The mob cannot be damaged by evoker fangs.
  3. The mob does not fight back when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusioner‌[JE only].

Monsters that spawn in raids (Non-illager)[edit]

  • Ravager — not an illager in Java Edition because "Johnny" vindicators attack them without being attacked by the ravager in return.
  • Vex — "Johnny" vindicators attack them. They spawn when summoned by an evoker.
  • Witch — They spawn in raids above normal difficulty. And throw Potion of Regeneration to illagers‌[Java Edition only]."Johnny" vindicators attack them, and they also take damage from evoker fangs. If a witch is hit by a pillager or "Johnny" vindicator, the witch does not fight back.‌[Java Edition only] A witch is not hostile, one witch is neutral to iron or snow golems.‌[Java Edition only]


Illagers spawn naturally in patrols and raids. They always spawn naturally in groups such as patrols or raids, or inside their structures.

Only the pillager, vindicator, and evoker spawn naturally.

Vindicators and evokers that spawn naturally in Woodland Mansions do not despawn.

Pillagers that spawn naturally in Pillager Outposts do not despawn.

Ravagers spawn exclusively in raids.


Illagers sometimes have their own leader. Any illager has a small chance to be a raid captain with an ominous banner (even when summoned by commands, or when using a spawn egg[JE only]).

Killing a raid captain in patrols or their structures will inflicted player Bad Omen effect, which can cause a raid to occur if that player enter a village.

Java Edition[edit]

Vindicators can open doors like villagers and wandering traders during raids. They can also break wooden doors like zombies rarely during raids in normal or hard difficulty. (If they can't open doors successfully. They might try to break down the door.)

All of them can spawn reinforcements when hit. Their reinforcements include other illagers and ravagers.

Illager does not fight back when hit by a missed arrow shot by a pillager or illusioner.

Bedrock Edition[edit]

All illagers and vexes ignore baby villagers.

A dispenser can equip an illager with armor. but only appear helmet and chestplate on pillagers and vindicators. Evoker can equip with armor too but don't appear armor on that evoker.

Pillagers and ravagers do not attack other illagers. However, non-pillager and non-ravagers illagers attack pillagers who hit them by missed arrows.[1]


Jens Bergensten Mojang avatar.png

The Illagers were created because we were talking about having some kind of generic, evil soldier mob in the game - slightly more intelligent than skeletons. It felt natural to have an evil villager. We figured they were ill-willed villagers and so from the beginning they were supposed to be "Ill Villagers". And then Tommaso suggested they should be EVIL-agers - and then we cut it down to just Illagers.



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