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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition.

Patrols, known as pillager patrols in Bedrock Edition, are common naturally spawning groups of pillagers


Patrols spawn as a group of 5 pillagers in Java Edition or 2–5 illagers in Bedrock Edition (all pillagers except in hard difficulty, which has a 20% chance for any pillager to spawn as a vindicator instead)‌[Bedrock Edition only], one of which is the raid captain. The raid captain wears an Illager Banner.png ominous banner on its head. The other illagers follow the leader.


Java Edition[edit]

Patrols spawn in any biome (except mushroom fields and its variants) at light level 8 or lower, only at night, like monsters.

Patrols spawn naturally after the world age reaches 100 minutes (5 in-game days), then after a delay between 10–11 minutes an attempt is made to spawn a patrol with 20% chance of success; after an attempt is made the delay is reset.

Bedrock Edition[edit]

Patrols spawn around 24–48 blocks away from the player (or more than 48 blocks away from the player if they are in a village) in plains, taiga,desert, savanna, snowy taiga, and giant tree taiga biomes, as well as their variants on sand, grass block, podzol, coarse dirt or on snow. Although villages can generate in snowy tundra, patrols cannot spawn there. They can also spawn in giant tree taiga biomes, although villages cannot generate there. On Easy difficulty, patrols can only spawn at light level 0–7 on the surface. On normal and hard difficulty, patrols can spawn in any light level.

Patrols spawn naturally after the world age reaches 100 minutes (five in-game days), then after a delay between 5–6 minutes an attempt is made to spawn a patrol (20% chance of success), repeating the delay and spawn attempts.


Patrols seek villages, wander around, and attack nearby players, villagers (adult villagers only in Bedrock Edition), iron golems, and wandering traders. The patrol members' heads turn to follow a player who looks at them or attracts their attention. A player who approaches within 10 blocks of the patrol provokes them into loading their crossbows and attacking, and pursuing if the player flees. The pursuit lasts until the player dies or gets far enough away.

The patrol captain always drops an ominous banner upon death.

Bad Omen[edit]

Upon killing a patrol captain, the player receives the Bad Omen effect for 100 minutes (displayed as infinite on Java Edition), which has no consequences unless the player enters a village. Upon entering a village, the effect is removed from the player and a raid spawns nearby after about five seconds. In Java Edition, the level of the Bad Omen determines the chance of enchantment on raid member's weapons, and additional waves. The number of waves depends on the difficulty.


Java Edition
1.1418w45aAdded patrols, which can spawn all types of illagers including ravagers.
18w46aRavagers no longer spawn in patrols.
Patrols now spawn 5 illagers instead of 4.
18w47aAdded the Bad Omen status effect, which is applied to players upon killing a patrol captain.
Patrols now spawn less often.
18w50aThe player now get unlimited time Bad Omen status effect when killing a patrol captain.
1.14.3Pre-Release 2Vindicators no longer spawn in patrols.
Patrols now spawn less commonly.
Patrols can now spawn in all biomes except mushroom fields and its variants.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta patrols, with slightly different mechanics.
beta that spawn from patrols now follow the patrol captain.
Patrols can now be enabled or disabled using the /mobevent command.
beta now spawn 48 blocks away or farther if the player is in a village boundary.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.91Added patrols.


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