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Illager patrols[1] are common naturally spawning groups of pillagers and vindicators that attack villages.


Illager patrols spawn as a group of pillagers and vindicators, totaling five all together. One of the pillagers or vindicators will be the illager captain. The illager captain wears an Illager Banner.png illager banner on its head. The other pillagers or vindicators will follow the leader and then target the village.


Illager patrols spawn around 200 blocks away from villages in plains, taiga,desert, savanna and snowy tundra biomes, as well as their variants on sand and grass block, or in snow with a block light level of 0–8 and a sky light level of 10–15. Illager patrols spawn naturally throughout the day or night after 5 in-game days. The illager patrols will need to spawn in the right biome near a village, regardless if the village almost completely generated in a unusual place (e.g. a village generates in a dark forest almost completely but a portion is still in the plains. then the patrol will only spawn in the plains area near the village.) A patrol will only spawn near the village if it has all doors and at least 1 villager.


Illager patrols will circle inwards toward villages and then proceed to attack the village and try to kill villagers and iron golems.

The patrol captain always drops an illager banner upon death.

Bad Omen[edit]

Upon killing a patrol captain, the player receives 1 to 3 levels of the Bad Omen effect for 100 minutes, which has no consequences until the player enters a village. Then the effect is removed from the player and a raid spawns nearby after about 5 seconds. The level of the Bad Omen determines the number of waves in the raid.


Java Edition
1.14 18w45a Added illager patrols.
18w46a Ravagers will now no longer spawn in illager patrols.
Illager patrols will now spawn 5 illagers instead of 4.
18w47a Added the Bad Omen status effect, which is applied to players upon killing a patrol captain.
Illager patrols now spawn less often.
18w50a Player will now get unlimited time Bad Omen status effect when killing a patrol captain.


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