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An Illager captain is the occurrence of a illager spawning with a Illager Banner.png Illager banner on top of its head, usually a pillager or vindicator, rarely an evoker.


Illager captains spawn in the same conditions and occurrences of any illager, with no special occasions having one spawn and one spawning being completely randomized.

Spawnable as illager captain
Type of illager Illager patrol Raid Pillager outpost Woodland mansion
Pillager Yes, once Yes, multiple times Yes, multiple times Never
Vindicator Yes, once Yes, multiple times Never Yes, multiple times
Evoker Never Yes, rarely Never Yes, rarely
Ravager Never Never Never Never

Illager patrols[edit]

One illager captain always spawns as part of a illager patrol, either a pillager or vindicator.


As part of raids sometimes a illager captain will spawn as a part of a group of pillagers. The captain will still grant the player Bad Omen, which can in turn trigger another raid if the player is still in a village boundary.

Pillager outposts[edit]

Usually 1-3 Illager captains will also spawn in a pillager outpost, which are always pillagers.

Woodland mansions[edit]

Illager captains can also spawn in woodland mansions, which are either vindicators or evokers.


Upon death, any illager captain can drop:


  • 0–2 Arrows, dropping more with the presence of Looting, up to 5‌[Bedrock Edition only].
  • Its crossbow (can be loaded or unloaded) which has an 8.5% chance to be dropped (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II and 11.5% with Looting III). It will have a random durability, and can be enchanted.



  • 1 Totem of Undying
  • 0–1 Emerald if killed by the player.
  • Looting increases the maximum drop of emeralds by 1 per level, up to 4 emeralds.
  • Looting doesn't affect the totem of undying.


Illager captains usually act the same as if they were a normal illager, but other illagers behind them will follow them and usually the captain will take the lead ahead of the other illagers. Once a illager captain is killed by a player, the player will be inflicted with the bad omen effect, which can cause a raid to occur. The captain will drop its Illager Banner.png illager banner as well, and other illagers nearby will try and pick up that banner and become the next captain.

Illager captains are designated differently, depending if they spawned at a outpost or in a illager patrol. Patrol captains will be able to grant at least 1-3 levels of bad omen, while outpost captains will only be able to grant 1 level.


Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w45a Added illager captains, which spawned as part of illager patrols.
18w47a Added raids, which also include illager captains.
18w49a Illager captains can now be killed multiple times to stack Bad Omen.
18w50a Illager captains can now spawn at pillager outposts.
Illager captains in outposts will grant 1 level of bad omen, whilst illager captains in patrols will be able to grant 1-3.


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