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Illagers are a group of hostile mobs that look similar to villagers, and wandering traders. The illagers may be considered "exiled", "outcast", or "offshoot", villagers, because they attack players, villagers, wandering traders and iron golems.

Only the pillager, vindicator and evoker can spawn naturally. The illusioner is exclusive to the Java Edition, and is considered unused. It has no spawn egg and can only be spawned with commands. Vexes can be summoned by evokers, who can spawn in woodland mansions and raids. Vindicators and pillagers both spawn in raids alongside the ravager, and in illager patrols. Vindicators can also be found in mansions, while pillagers also spawn in pillager outposts.

Natural occurrences containing Illagers:

Natural structures containing Illagers:

Spawn eggs[edit]

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