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Illagers are a species of hostile mobs that look similar to villagers, wandering traders and witches. The illagers are considered "exiled", "outcast", or "offshoot" villagers because they pursue and attack players, villagers, wandering traders, snow golems,‌[Bedrock Edition only] and iron golems .

Illagers don't spawn alone. They always spawn naturally in groups such as patrols or raids, or in structures such as woodland mansions and pillager outposts.

Illagers sometimes have their own "leader". They have a small chance to become a raid captain, even when summoned by commands, or in Java Edition when using their spawn egg.[needs testing]

In Java Edition, all of them can spawn reinforcements when hit, like zombieses do. Their reinforcements include other illagers, and ravagers.

Evokers and illusioners cast spells when fighting.

In Java Edition, evokers, illusioners and vindicators can open doors like villagers, but using a spell.[more information needed]

  • Note that pillagers (and witches and vexes) cannot.

Vindicators can break down doors like zombies, in Java Edition regardless of the difficulty, while in Bedrock Edition only in Normal or Hard difficulty.

In Bedrock Edition, all illagers and vexes ignore baby villagers.

Only the pillager, vindicator and evoker can spawn naturally. The illusioner is exclusive to the Java Edition, and is unused. Vexes can be summoned by evokers, who can spawn in woodland mansions and raids.

Vindicators and evokers are found in mansions, while pillagers spawn in pillager outposts.


There are 3 specific criteria for a mob to be considered an illager. They are as follows:

  1. "Johnny" vindicators do not attack the mob.
  2. The mob can not be damaged by evoker fangs.
  3. The mob won't fight back when they hit by pillager or illusioner's arrows.‌[Java Edition only]


Monsters that spawn in raids[edit]

  • Ravager
    • Not an illager In Java Edition because "Johnny" vindicators attack them. And they won't fight back that illager.
  • Vex
    • "Johnny" vindicators attack them. They spawn when summoned by an evoker.
  • Witch
    • "Johnny" vindicators attack them, and they take damage from evoker fangs. They do spawn in raids. If a witch is hit by a pillager or "Johnny" vindicator, it won't fight back. ‌[Java Edition only]

Natural occurrences containing illagers[edit]

Natural structures containing illagers[edit]


  • In Bedrock Edition, if an illager, except a pillager or a ravager, gets hit by a pillager, they would try to fight back and kill that pillager. The pillager will not fight back.
  • In the game "Minecraft Dungeons", illagers are the major enemy. It is the first appearance of illagers in other minecraft official games.
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