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Igloos are structures that are naturally generated in snowy biomes. They are small round structures constructed primarily of snow blocks.


Igloos naturally generate in the snowy tundra and snowy taiga biomes, but not in snowy mountains, ice spikes, snowy taiga hills, or other variants.


Igloos are composed of snow blocks, sheltering a carpeted interior containing a bed, furnace and crafting table.

In half of all igloos, a trapdoor can be found under the carpet (the third white carpet straight ahead from the doorway), leading down a long ladder shaft to a basement. This passageway and the basement are built from stone brick, some of which are infested blocks. In this basement there is a brewing stand, a cauldron, a chest, and beyond the far wall, behind iron bars in two different cages, are a villager and a zombie villager. The zombie villager can be cured with a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness, both found inside the igloo. In Java Edition, these are always clerics and zombie clerics because the brewing stand will automatically set their job as such unless the stand is broken before the cure, and in Bedrock Edition, they can be any type of villager or zombie villager, though they can change their profession to cleric and leatherworker, due to the presence of the brewing stand and cauldron.

The cauldron is 23 full, and the brewing stand contains a splash potion of Weakness.

Igloos that generate without a basement have a snow block in place of the trapdoor.

One may access the individual structures of an igloo by using structure blocks to manually load them from the /data/structures/igloo folder in version.jar. To do so, set a structure block to Load mode, enter igloo/structure name, and press [LOAD]. The individual structures are bottommiddletop.

Structure name Description Consists of Images
top The above-ground room of the igloo, made of snow blocks. 94 Snow Block,

9 White Carpet,

3 Light Gray Carpet,

2 Ice,

1 Crafting Table,

1 Furnace,

1 Oak Trapdoor,

1 Red Bed,

1 Redstone Torch

Igloo Top.png
middle The stone tunnel that connects the room above with the basement. 12 Stone Bricks,

3 Ladder

Igloo Middle.png
bottom The basement, made of various stone blocks and infested stone blocks, containing a villager and a zombie villager. 104 Stone Bricks,

17 Mossy Stone Bricks,

11 Stone,

8 Cracked Stone Bricks,

7 Chiseled Stone Bricks,

6 Infested Stone Bricks,

4 Iron Bars,

4 Ladder,

3 Torch,

2 Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks,

2 Red Carpet,

2 Spruce Stairs,

1 Infested Mossy Stone Bricks,

1 Polished Andesite,

1 Cauldron,

1 Chest (1 Golden Apple),

1 Cobweb,

1 Potted Cactus,

1 Oak Sign,

1 Spruce Slab,

1 Brewing Stand with a Splash Potion of Weakness,

1 Villager,

1 Zombie Villager.

Igloo Bottom.png


Each igloo chest contains items drawn from 2 pools, with the following distribution:

Stack Size Weight # Items Chance # Chests
2–8× 2–8×
Golden Apple 1111.000100.0%1.0
Coal 1–415632.97670.4%1.4
Apple 1–315632.38170.4%1.4
Wheat 2–310631.98455.3%1.8
Gold Nugget 1–310631.58755.3%1.8
Rotten Flesh 110630.79455.3%1.8
Stone Axe 12630.15914.7%6.8
Emerald 11630.0797.6%13.1


Java Edition
1.9October 20, 2015Searge reveals he is working on a new structure to showcase the new 'loot table' feature.
15w43aAdded igloos.
15w43bGolden apples in the igloo chests now have a 100% chance of appearing, where previously they would often not appear – it was moved from the structure file to the loot table.
Golden apples originally would always be found in the central slot when they were found at all; now they can be found in any slot.
15w43cGlass bottle was removed from brewing stand.
Cobweb is now found in the basement.
Sign in the basement previously read:
and now reads:
××××- ×××--
 --×× ×-×
 ×-×× -××
--××× ×××--
15w44aThe red carpet in the basement now hides a block of polished andesite.
Sign in the basement is back to its old form:
1.13?In the structure block's data folder for the igloo the names of the parts of the structure igloo_bottom, igloo_middle and igloo_top have been changed to bottom, middle and top.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha igloos.
1.1.0alpha generated in ice plains now have a white bed instead of a red bed, those generated in cold taiga have a brown bed, and those generated in the stripe lands have a magenta bed.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta now generate with a red bed.
Legacy Console Edition
TU43CU331.36Patch 13Added igloos.


Issues relating to "Igloo" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • If a number of items in the igloo furnace are smelted, light generated by it will melt the igloo window, turning the ice into a water source block.‌[Java and Legacy Console editions only]
  • In real life, the name "Igloo" comes from the Inuit word Iglu, which means "house".
  • Igloos are internally classified as a temple.‌[Bedrock Edition only]
  • The igloo is the first structure to use signs.
  • As of Village and Pillage, igloos with basements are registered as villages, due to having one villager and beds. Additionally, basements also generate job site blocks, which are brewing stands and cauldrons.
  • The interior of the igloo is intentionally designed so that usage of the furnace melts the ice windows.[1]
  • It is possible for an Igloo to generate on a cliff or other incline, causing its secret area to be wholly or partially exposed.



  1. MC-100036 resolved as "Works as Intended"