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Ice Bomb
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition.
This page describes an education-related feature.
This feature is only available in Education Edition or when the "Education Edition" option in Bedrock Edition is enabled.
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The ice bomb is an item which is used to freeze water into ice.


Lab table[edit]

Result Materials Needed

Ice Bomb
Sodium Acetate x4


Ice bombs can be thrown by using them, similar to an egg. They are affected by gravity.

Similar to ender pearls, there is a short cooldown before the player can throw another ice bomb. The cooldown is shown by a white overlay on the ice bomb in the hotbar which shrinks before the player is able to use it again.[citation needed]

Ice bombs will "explode" upon hitting a solid block or water. They will also explode upon hitting other entities, but they do not deal damage, and unlike eggs and snowballs, the impact is not considered an attack. When exploding, any water (including flowing water) in a 3x3x3 cube around the ice bomb will freeze into ice.


Education Edition
1.0.27Added ice bombs.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta ice bombs.


  • Throwing an ice bomb while underwater, encloses the player in ice.
  • If the player throws an ice bomb through a Nether portal while in Creative, the ice bomb will teleport to the other dimension and remain stationary until it despawns.[1]
    • While in this “stationary” state, the ice bomb can neither move nor explode, no matter what. If the player places a solid block at the location of a stationary bomb, then removes the block, the ice bomb will still be there.
    • This phenomenon is not present in Survival; the ice bomb will simply pass through the portal. It is also not present when throwing an ice bomb into an end portal or exit portal — the ice bomb will simply explode on contact with the portal block — but it occasionally occurs when throwing an ice bomb into an end gateway portal.