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Ice may refer to:


  • Ice, a translucent block that generates naturally on frozen rivers and yields a water source when melted
  • Frosted Ice, a variant of ice that generates temporarily with the Frost Walker enchantment
  • Packed Ice, an opaque variant of ice that does not melt and generates in icebergs and ice spikes biomes
  • Blue Ice, an ice variant that generates in icebergs and is more slippery than ice and packed ice


  • Ice Bomb, Education Edition item used to freeze water into ice


  • Iceberg, structure that generates on frozen oceans that consists of snow, packed ice and blue ice
  • Ice Spike, structure that consists of ice and packed ice


Minecraft Dungeons[edit]

  • Ice Wand, an artifact that can summon an ice block that crush and stun mobs


  • minecraft:ice, a tag that includes all ice block variants
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