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This feature is exclusive to Legacy Console Edition.

Host privileges are an option exclusive to the Legacy Console Edition. It allows the player to enable or disable the day-night cycle, weather cycle, keep inventory, mob spawning and mob griefing. Enabling this option deactivates achievements or trophies permanently for this world.

World-creating options[edit]

Daylight Cycle[edit]

Turns on/off the day-night cycle. Defaults to enabled.

Weather Cycle[edit]

If disabled, the weather won't change. If enabled, the weather will change into clear, rain, thunder or snowy (in cold biomes). Defaults to enabled.

Keep Inventory[edit]

If enabled, the player will keep their inventory after dying. If disabled, the player will drop the items from their inventory upon death. Dropped items decay after 5 minutes. Defaults to disabled.

Mob Spawning[edit]

If enabled, mobs will spawn naturally. If disabled, mobs won't spawn naturally (except for vindicators and evokers in woodland mansions, villagers in villages and elder guardians in ocean monuments). Mobs will still be able to spawn through monster spawners and spawn eggs. Defaults to enabled.

Mob Griefing[edit]

If disabled, mobs won't change blocks. Creeper explosions won't destroy blocks, sheep won't turn grass blocks into dirt by eating it, snow golems won't cover the ground with snow, evokers won't be able to change colors of sheep, and endermen won't pick up blocks. Defaults to enabled.

In-game options[edit]

In game, the host and players set to "moderators" can change all options listed above and below.

Game modes[edit]

The player can change the default and their own gamemode.


The player can change the difficulty.


The player can change the weather into:

Time of day[edit]

The player can change the time of day into day or night.


Setting the time to 1000.


Setting the time to 13000.


In multiplayer, the player can teleport to other players.

Set World Spawn Point[edit]

Pressing the button for world spawn point changes the player's default spawn point.

Player Options[edit]

The host player and players set as moderators can enable/disable this options in the player menu. All players set as moderators must be allowed by the host or other moderator players to enable/disable this options. Moderator players can change this options on other players (except the host).

Disable Exhaustion[edit]

If enabled, the hunger bar for this player never depletes unless healing and if the hunger bar is empty the player will not take hunger damage. Can be enabled/disabled in all game modes except Creative.


If enabled, allows the player to become fully invisible and invincible.


If enabled, the player can enable/disable flying on all game modes except Creative.

Set Player Spawn Point[edit]

Sets the player's spawn point. If the spawn point set by this command gets obstructed, causes the player to spawn at the world spawn point.

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