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Editing syntax

Anywhere in a line

Description Input Result
Italicise text ''italic'' italic
Bold text '''bold''' bold
Internal page link (within wiki)(the first letter in the link can be capitalized or not)
With display text

[[Name of target page]]
[[Name of target page|Other word or phrase]]
[[Target page]]s

Name of target page
Other word or phrase
Target pages

Internal image link [[:File:Wiki.png]] File:Wiki.png
Internal category link [[:Category:Mojang images]] Category:Mojang images
External page link (off-wiki)
With display text
URL shown
Plain link

[ Display Text]
<span class="plainlinks">[ Display Text]</span>

Display Text
Display Text

Signing comments

(for talk pages)

~~~~ Coaster 02:36, 13 April 2011 (UTC)
Inserting a citation/reference

Allow reusing

<ref>Source 1</ref>
<ref name=name>Source 2</ref>
<ref name="word phrase">Source 2</ref>
<ref name=name/>


Only at the beginning of a line

Description Input Result


Image thumbnail with caption

(defaults to right side of page)

Left side
[[File:Wiki.png|thumb|Caption Text]]
[[File:Wiki.png|thumb|left|Caption Text]]
Caption Text

Caption Text

(a table of contents is created
with four or more of these)

= First Tier =
== Second Tier ==
=== Third Tier ===
==== Fourth Tier ====
===== Fifth Tier =====
====== Sixth Tier ======

First Tier

Second Tier

Third Tier

Fourth Tier

Fifth Tier
Sixth Tier
Numbered list

#Point One
#Point Two
#Point Three
##Three Subpoint One
#Point Four

  1. Point One
  2. Point Two
  3. Point Three
    1. Three Subpoint One
  4. Point Four
Bullet list

*First Point
*Second Point
*Third Point
**Third Point Subpoint One
*Fourth Point

  • First Point
  • Second Point
  • Third Point
    • Third Point Subpoint One
  • Fourth Point
Indented lines or paragraphs
(for use in comment replies)

No Indent
:First Indent
::Second Indent
:::and so on

No Indent

First Indent
Second Indent
and so on
Inserting the reference list <references/>
  1. Source 1
  2. a b Source 2
Moving a line of text to the next line
without using actual line breaks
with the Enter key

Useful when editing charts that
push the border outwards without
a defined size limit
Text<br>Text Text


Templates are a way of replicating common page elements by "hiring" those elements from a specialized page in such a way that when the "master" is edited, all articles borrowing from the template will automatically incorporate those changes. Syntax for including templates is addressed by the following pages: