Health Boost

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Health Boost
Health Boost.png



#F87D23 (orange)

Data value

dec: 21 hex: 15 bin: 10101

Namespaced ID
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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Health Boost is a completely unused status effect which increases a player's (or mob's) potential health.


Identical to Absorption, except added hearts can be healed. Added hearts will initially appear as damaged until healed. Negative levels reduce base health, however the entity's actual health is not decreased to the new maximum until damaged or healed.

Immune mobs[edit]

Boss mobs are unaffected.


Actual health may be above the base value after the effect ends and will not be capped, unless the entity is healed. Extra hearts of a mounted mob can be seen while riding it.


Java Edition
1.6.113w23bAdded Health Boost.
1.915w49a Changed effect icon texture.
1.1418w43a Changed effect icon texture again.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0build 1Added Health Boost.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0? Changed effect icon texture.
1.10.0beta Changed effect icon texture again.