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Minecraft Dungeons:Harvester

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The Harvester siphons the souls of the dead, before releasing them into a cluster hex of power.

In-game description

The Harvester releases souls in an explosion.


Can be acquired from reward chests in Soggy Swamp, and Redstone Mines. If you have unlocked the ??? level, the Harvester can be found there as well.

Can also be randomly purchased from the Wandering Trader's stall in the player's Camp.


The Harvester has a 4 second cooldown, +1 soul gathering, and requires 40 souls to activate. Equipment that increases Artifact Damage, such as Souldancer Robe, Splendid Robe, and Cave Crawler affect the amount of damage dealt.

The damage range depends on the item's power.


  • 180-4506 artifact damage
  • 4 second cooldown
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Requires Souls
Power Damage Range
17 5-122 artifact damage
53 24-604 artifact damage
65 39-986 artifact damage
109 9597 artifact damage


<gallery> Harvester artifact.png|A sprite depicting the item texture Harvester artifact visual effect.png|An in-game screenshot of the artifact activating. </gallery\>


The harvester creates a circle that damages mobs inside it, still dropping the mobs' loot.