Flower Pot/1.8 development gallery

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This section is missing information about commands per appearance (appearances can be shared by multiple different blocks).
Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.


Potted Stone.png Potted Granite.png Potted Polished Granite.png Potted Diorite.png Potted Polished Diorite.png Potted Andesite.png Potted Polished Andesite.png Potted Grass Block.png Potted Dirt.png Potted Oak Planks.png Potted Birch Planks.png Potted Spruce Planks.png Potted Jungle Planks.png Potted Acacia Planks.png Potted Dark Oak Planks.png Potted Sand.png Potted Red Sand.png Potted Gravel.png Potted Gold Ore.png Potted Iron Ore.png Potted Coal Ore.png Potted Leaves.png Potted Spruce Leaves.png Potted Jungle Leaves.png Potted Sponge.png Potted Glass.png Potted Lapis Lazuli Ore.png Potted Lapis Lazuli Block.png Potted Dispenser.png Potted Sandstone.png Potted Smooth Sandstone.png Potted Note Block.png Potted White Wool.png Potted Orange Wool.png Potted Magenta Wool.png Potted Light Blue Wool.png Potted Yellow Wool.png Potted Lime Wool.png Potted Pink Wool.png Potted Gray Wool.png Potted Light Gray Wool.png Potted Cyan Wool.png Potted Purple Wool.png Potted Blue Wool.png Potted Brown Wool.png Potted Green Wool.png Potted Red Wool.png Potted Black Wool.png Potted Block of Gold.png Potted Block of Iron.png Potted TNT.png Potted Obsidian.png Potted Torch.png Potted Diamond Ore.png Potted Block of Diamond.png Potted Furnace.png Potted Redstone Torch.png Potted Ice.png Potted Snow Block.png Potted Clay.png Potted Pumpkin.png Potted Netherrack.png Potted Soul Sand.png Potted Glowstone.png Potted White Stained Glass.png Potted Orange Stained Glass.png Potted Magenta Stained Glass.png Potted Light Blue Stained Glass.png Potted Yellow Stained Glass.png Potted Lime Stained Glass.png Potted Pink Stained Glass.png Potted Gray Stained Glass.png Potted Light Gray Stained Glass.png Potted Cyan Stained Glass.png Potted Purple Stained Glass.png Potted Blue Stained Glass.png Potted Brown Stained Glass.png Potted Green Stained Glass.png Potted Red Stained Glass.png Potted Black Stained Glass.png Potted Stone Bricks.png Potted Mossy Stone Bricks.png Potted Cracked Stone Bricks.png Potted Chiseled Stone Bricks.png Potted Mushroom Pores.png Potted Mushroom Stem.png Potted Brown Mushroom Block.png Potted Red Mushroom Block.png Potted Melon.png Potted Redstone Lamp.png Potted Emerald Ore.png Potted Block of Emerald.png Potted Command Block.png Potted Vegetables Age 0.png Potted Vegetables Age 1.png Potted Vegetables Age 2.png Potted Carrots.png Potted Potatoes.png Potted Block of Redstone.png Potted Nether Quartz Ore.png Potted Dropper.png Potted White Terracotta.png Potted Orange Terracotta.png Potted Magenta Terracotta.png Potted Light Blue Terracotta.png Potted Yellow Terracotta.png Potted Lime Terracotta.png Potted Pink Terracotta.png Potted Gray Terracotta.png Potted Light Gray Terracotta.png Potted Cyan Terracotta.png Potted Purple Terracotta.png Potted Blue Terracotta.png Potted Brown Terracotta.png Potted Green Terracotta.png Potted Red Terracotta.png Potted Black Terracotta.png Potted Terracotta.png Potted Packed Ice.png


Potted Cobblestone.png Potted Bedrock.png Potted Water.png Potted Lava.png Potted Oak Log.png Potted Birch Log.png Potted Spruce Log.png Potted Jungle Log.png Potted Sideways Oak Log.png Potted Sideways Birch Log.png Potted Sideways Spruce Log.png Potted Sideways Jungle Log.png Potted Powered Rail.png Potted Detector Rail.pngPotted Sticky Piston.png Potted Piston.png Potted Piston Side.png Potted Piston Base.png Potted Smooth Stone.png Potted Smooth Quartz.png Potted Bricks.png Potted Mossy Cobblestone.png Potted Fire.png Potted Spawner.png Potted Ladder.png Potted Rail.png Potted Lever.png Potted Redstone Ore.png Potted Nether Portal.png Potted Oak Trapdoor.png Potted Iron Bars.png Potted Vines.png Potted Lily Pad.png Potted Nether Bricks.png Potted Enchanting Table.png Potted Missing.png Potted End Stone.png Potted Dragon Egg.png Potted Cocoa.png Potted Tripwire Hook.png Potted Beacon.png Potted Anvil.png Potted Daylight Detector.png Potted Hopper.png Potted Block of Quartz.png Potted Chiseled Quartz Block.png Potted Quartz Pillar.png Potted Sideways Quartz Pillar.png Potted Activator Rail.png Potted Acacia Log.png Potted Dark Oak Log.png Potted Sideways Acacia Log.png Potted Sideways Dark Oak Log.png Potted Slime Block.png Potted Hay Bale.png Potted Sideways Hay Bale.png Potted Block of Coal.png