Fire Resistance

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Fire Resistance
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Namespaced ID
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Fire Resistance nullifies most fire-based damage. Fire Resistance is a status effect that does not change its power as its potency changes.


Grants immunity to damage from fire, blaze fireballs, fire charges, magma blocks, and lava. Negates the fire damage from bows enchanted with Flame and swords enchanted with Fire Aspect, but does not affect the attacks themselves.


Cause Potency Length Notes
Enchanted Golden Apple I 5:00
Potion of Fire Resistance I 3:00 Witches will drink this potion when set on fire or in lava.
Potion of Fire Resistance (extended) I 8:00
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance I 3:00‌[JE only]
2:15‌[BE only]
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (extended) I 8:00‌[JE only]
6:00‌[BE only]
Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance I 0:45
Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance (extended) I 2:00
Arrow of Fire Resistance I 0:22
Arrow of Fire Resistance (extended) I 1:00
Totem of Undying II 0:45 [Bedrock Edition only]
Suspicious Stew I 0:04 Must be crafted with Allium

Immune mobs[edit]

Boss mobs are immune to Fire Resistance.[more information needed]


Most Nether mobs (excluding endermen) are naturally resistant to fire and lava without requiring the Fire Resistance status effect.

Data values[edit]


Potion Namespaced ID[JE only] Numeric ID‌[BE only]
Fire Resistance fire_resistance 12
Fire Resistance (extended) long_fire_resistance 13
Effect Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Fire Resistance fire_resistance 12


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
Stayin' FrostySwim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect.YesYesYesYes20GBronze


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Namespaced ID
Advancement-fancy-raw.png A Furious CocktailHave every potion effect applied at the same timeLocal BreweryHave all of these 13 potion effects applied to the player at the same time.nether/all_potions
Advancement-fancy-raw.png How Did We Get Here?Have every effect applied at the same timeA Furious CocktailHave all of these 26 effects applied to the player at the same time (Note that this is a hidden advancement, meaning that it can only be viewed when the player has completed it).nether/all_effects


Java Edition
??Added Fire Resistance
1.1418w43a Changed effect icon texture.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0build 1Added Fire Resistance which be unobtainable.[verify]
0.12.1build 1Fire Resistance can be obtained from eating Enchanted golden apple and Potion of Fire Resistance as well splash potion of fire resistance.
0.14.0build 1Added witch that can applying fire resistance effect when set on fire by drinking potion.
0.15.0build 1Added Arrow of Fire Resistance that cause fire resistance effect.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha resistance can be obtained from Lingering potion of fire resistance.
1.1.0alpha resistance can be obtained from totem of undying.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta Changed effect icon texture.
1.13.0beta resistance can now be obtained from suspicious stew.


  • Although higher levels of Fire Resistance have the exact same effect as Fire Resistance I, it is possible to achieve Fire Resistance II without commands, using the Totem of Undying.‌[Bedrock Edition only] The only other such effect is Nausea.