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Fire Protection

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Fire Protection
Maximum level


Primary items

Secondary items


Enchantment weight


Incompatible with

Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, Protection

Fire Protection is an armor enchantment that reduces damage from fire.


Fire Protection reduces all kinds of ongoing fire damage, which is normally not absorbed by armor, by (8 × level)%, so every additional level of Fire Protection adds an extra 8% of protection, up to 32% reduction on one piece of armor. The reduction stacks with multiple pieces of armor enchanted with Fire Protection, up to a max of 80% reduction.

Fire Protection also reduces burn time when set on fire by (15 × level)%. If multiple pieces have the enchantment, only the highest level's burn time reduction is used.

Theoretically at level 8, the player cannot be lit on fire through Fire Aspect enchantments. The only way to burn is standing in lava or fire. The initiated fire-ticks (lava: 300, fire: 150) are canceled, and only the remaining time in the fire source is added to the fire-tick timer.

Damage reduction from Protection, Fire Protection, Feather Falling, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection stacks up to an upper limit cap (see armor enchantments).


Protection, Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection are mutually exclusive. However, if commands are used to have two or more of these enchantments on the same item, the effects stack.

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDTranslation key
Fire Protectionfire_protection enchantment.minecraft.fire_protection

Bedrock Edition:

NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID Translation key
Fire Protectionfire_protection


Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Added Fire Protection.
1.1419w02aProtection enchantments are no longer mutually exclusive.
1.14.3Pre-Release 2Protection enchantments are again mutually exclusive.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.12.1build 1Added Fire Protection.
Legacy Console Edition
TU7CU11.0Patch 11.0.1Added Fire Protection.


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