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Official logo of the feedback site.
The current feedback site homepage.

The Minecraft Feedback Site is the official website location for players to share their feedback for Minecraft. Similar to the bug tracker, the site is moderated by the community team. The feedback site is located at here. It currently has 26 categories with which to post feedback in:

There was a 27th category about what to name the Piglin Beast, announced at MINECON Live 2019. It was decided on the name hoglin, and the category was removed, no longer having a use.


?The feedback site was officially released.
May 18, 2018All current categories are closed in the site.
May 21-24, 2018Projected downtime of the site as it moves to a new software.
May 25, 2018The feedback site was revamped after the downtime.
August 8, 2019The feedback site was again, revamped with a new page design.
September 29, 2019The feedback site logo was changed.

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