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Roleplay, Minigames




English, French, Mexican Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean


Twitter: @InPVP

Discord: https://inpvp.net/discord

Mineville (formerly InPVP) is a Minecraft Featured Server on Bedrock Edition platform. During the time when InPVP was the main branch, it had the highest player count for Bedrock in history (27,123 as of 2019). It is a roleplay server, though the player can also play minigames at the InPvP Space Station (a Mineville branch). Mineville is owned by MobCrush, a mobile streaming service. Mineville also has two sister Minecraft servers on Java Edition; SaicoPvP and The Legend Craft (an Italian Server). The IP of Mineville is play.inpvp.net:19132, otherwise, it can be accessed via the Featured Servers Panel.



In "Skyblock" players start on a tiny island in the sky, with a cobblestone generator, a chest, and a tree. There is another island nearby where you can get to the market. At the market you can buy and sell items for "Skybucks". In order to play on skyblock, you have to pay "Minecoins". You can also play with other people, as long as you both pay.



In "SkyWars", players spawn on an island in the sky with 3 chests full of blocks, items, weapons and armor. Players have to use blocks to pile over to other islands and kill the other players. The last one standing wins.

TNT Run[edit]

In "TNT Run", TNT will fall as players run across the TNT path; if they fall in the void they are out.

Money Wars[edit]

"Money Wars", a variant of BedWars, is similar to "SkyWars", but contains item generators and a shop. Players can respawn if they have a bed; if a player's bed is destroyed and somebody has killed them, they are out.

Block Hunt[edit]

In "Block Hunt", each player spawns as a block or a hunter. Blocks are turned invisible and are followed by a block. Players have to hide from the hunters to win. Hunters have to find the blocks before the time runs out.

Tower Wars[edit]

The game "Tower Wars" is "Capture The Flag", but with upgrades and resources. The map originally was dark with an "End sky", but now, it has 2 maps that alternate. They have a special eleytra, power up but it's glitched

Survival Games[edit]

In "Survival Games", players start on small platforms in a circle in the air, as soon as the game starts, players receive an elytra and can fly all around the map until they land. When the player lands, they can start looting before the invincibility timer runs out and they will be able to fight people. The last one standing wins the game.

Dungeon Simulator[edit]

In "Dungeon Simulator", players start on a small farm with just a stick to kill mobs. From every mob the player kills, they receive experience. When the player has received enough experience to level up, they have to fight a level end boss. After the player kills the boss, they level-up and are able to level up again. As soon as the player levels up 4 levels, the player can go to a stronger dungeon with stronger mobs. When the player completes level 20, they get a prestige star and a Knight Skin Modification.

High School Roleplay[edit]

"High School Roleplay" is a school where players can complete classes to receive rewards.

Fighting Class[edit]

The goal in the game "Fighting Class" is to fight mobs and get a specific amount of items from them to complete lessons. When players complete 10 lessons, they receive a Gladiator Helmet.

Building Class[edit]

The goal in the game "Building Class" is to build exactly like the example. The example will only be shown for a specific amount of time before it disappears. When it disappears, it is the job of the players to memorize the building and build it between 80% and 100% correct. When players complete 10 lessons, they receive a Builder Cap.

Mining Class[edit]

The goal in the game "Mining Class" is to mine specific ores, melt them in the furnace and give them to the teacher. When players complete 10 lessons, they will receive a Miner Helmet.

Cooking Class[edit]

The goal in the game "Cooking Class" is to farm and craft specific food. When players complete 10 lessons, they will receive a Hay Helmet.

Driving Class[edit]

The "Driving Class" game is one of the classes that players have to pay MineCoins in order to play it. After a player buys the class, they will also receive a Racing Kart in the lobby. There are 3 courses where players can ride on and the goal is to be as quick as possible to get a place on the course leaderboards. However, this class does not have any reward.

Pet Class[edit]

The "Pet Class" game is one of the classes that players have to pay MineCoins in order to play it. In this class, players are able to play small parkours on time with their pet. If players are really quick, players can even get on the leaderboards. However, this class does not have any reward.


The "Prison" game is all about mining from Mine A to Mine I. When players complete all mines by mining and selling the ores, they receive a Miner Costume. Players will also receive a prestige star in front of their name in the chat.


Niraj Owner @iphonetips1
Travis Developer
Rone Developer
J. Community Manager
Nate Moderator @nathan20030924
VirtualNK Moderator @virtualnk
Oefoek Moderator @xufukkx
Octur1s Moderator @octur1s
DataLion Moderator @datalion_


Bedrock Edition
June 11, 2017Mojang announces featured servers, with InPVP as one of their first partners.
July 31, 2017The new 1.2 InPVP server is now in beta at beta.inpvp.net, although it is not accessible from the server list.
August 1, 2017Beta server updated with bug fixes.
August 3, 2017Money Wars minigame added.
August 8, 2017Beta server updated with fixes for issues such as spectator in Money Wars.
August 10, 2017InPVP and other featured servers are now accessible from the server list in the Bedrock Edition 1.2.0 beta.[2] The InPVP Store in the Marketplace is not yet online, although it has a button in the pause menu.
Server updated to add the [COMMS] rank and a new message of the day. A spawn issue in one of the TNT Run maps is fixed.[3]
August 14, 2017Beta server updated to add 3 maps for Money Wars, reduce the frequency of chat announcements, and make various performance improvements.
August 17, 2017Teleporter menu revamped.[4] Memory leak fixed.[5]
August 18, 2017Money Wars minigame temporarily removed.
August 23, 2017InPVP announces professional translations in the languages most spoken by players.
August 29, 2017Servers updated with performance improvements.
September 1, 2017The InPVP Store in the Marketplace is now operational. The sole item is the Mini Companion legendary pet, at a "special beta price" of 310 Minecraft Coins.
September 6, 2017Money Wars minigame re-added. Login/teleport crash fixed. The Mini Companion's page on the Minecraft Store can now be accessed by hitting the NPC in the hub.
September 8, 2017Beta servers updated with small fixes.[6]
The first translations are revealed: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Arabic.[7] Each were made by a professional native speaker.[8]
September 13, 2017The beta server is now localized in French, Mexican Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. The server automatically selects the language based on the player's language setting. There is currently no way to select the Arabic language, as Minecraft does not support it.[9]
September 20, 2017The 1.2 server leaves beta. The old InPVP servers are all converted to 1.2.[10] The Mini Companion still has the special beta price.
New Block Hunt minigame, bug fixes, pets, ranks, and Halloween announced for future server updates.[11]
September 21, 2017Servers updated with an increased player capacity[12] and other fixes.[13]
September 22, 2017Servers updated to double the max player count and reduce lag.


  • Mineville does not provide the functionality to disable chat. Chat can still be muted by the option in Minecraft's chat window, but this also hides all in-chat server messages.