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Lifeboat+ (Discontinued)

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Lifeboat is a featured server of Bedrock Edition. It was one of the first featured servers that came with the Better Together Update.

Volunteers & Staff[edit]


Lifeboat hires Staff, that have different tasks. Staff positions are: Administrator, Content Creator, Support Team, Content Director, Developer.

Applications for Lifeboat Staff positions can be found here.


Lifeboat's Volunteer teams contains: Moderators, Beta Testers, Translators, Artists and Builders.

Applications for Lifeboat Volunteer positions can be found here.


Survival Games[edit]

IP Address: sg.lbsg.net

Survival Games are one of Lifeboat's classic and most popular gamemodes, survival game matches are intense and fun to play. Each match lasts up to eight minutes and each player spawns on individual pedestals around the centerpiece of the map. Up to 24 players can join and once the timer is up, the match will begin. Chests are located around the map in various locations, where players can find armor and weapons to aid them in battle. Players can play solo or in teams, but to win, they must be the last player alive. If the eight minutes are up and a winner hasn't been determined, all players are teleported to the deathmatch arena, where everyone who is left standing will fight one another.

Capture the Flag[edit]

IP Address: ctf.lbsg.net

Capture the Flag is the second most famous game in Lifeboat. Previously, the player count could reach up to 30v30, but it was decreased to 20v20. Each match last depending on the gameplay of each team. When the player clicks on a sign, they are greeted with a tutorial screen, which they can simply skip this by tapping the sneak button. Once the player is in their team's base, they can start gathering materials and weapons for combat! After gathering what they need, the player has to build a bridge; in order to gather the correct flag and placing it on the space where to place the flag. The first team to get 2 flags wins. This gamemode is perfect for team fighting and strategy making. In the summer of 2018, a bridging technique called "jump-bridging" was invented and severely grew in popularity in the fall of 2018, which lacked the fun of older CTF matches ever since.

Zombie Apocalypse[edit]

IP Address: bok.com

Zombie Apocalypse has multiple game types, such as defense and offense. In this game, players can battle mobs, get gold from killing them, and get better armor and weapons to battle more mobs.

Survival Mode[edit]

IP Address: sm.lbsg.net

In this game mode, players build, craft, fight and more. Back in 2017, players were able to receive plots on survival mode servers, but now the only place they can receive plots is on the paid access SMPro servers. SMPro servers are the same as survival mode servers, but with redstone and iron doors.


IP Address: ps.lbsg.net

Prison is a game in Lifeboat. Players can get the Prison Pass in the Marketplace for free.


IP Address: bw.lbsg.net

In Bedwars, players collect resources, trade items for weapons and defend their team's bed. The objective is to go to the iron and gold islands and be the last team standing. Players can choose to play solo, duo or team games. You can customize your villager and your bed in the most updated version.


IP address: sw.lbsg.net

In Skywars, players collect resources from their island and bridge over to the center for better resources. The objective is to be the last one standing.

Mummy Valley, Windy Isles, and Temple of the Gods[edit]

IP address for Mummy Valley: mv.lbsg.net

IP address for Windy Isles: wi.lbsg.net

IP address for Temple Of The Gods: adv.lbsg.net

This game mode, players will play as Jack through some of the servers custom adventure maps! Players collect loot and try to make it through each map in the fastest time.

Battle Royale[edit]

IP Address: br.lbsg.net

The Minecraft equivalent of the popular, Fortnite battle royale. Players break wood with their pickaxe for building materials and loot houses for weapons. The objective is to be the last one standing.

Creative Mode[edit]

IP address: cm.lbsg.net

Creative Mode is a plot server using creative mode! The player can either buy VIP or a pass (30 day access) on the Marketplace, in order to make plots on Creative Mode.In creative mode there are infinity resources to players

Arcade Mode[edit]

IP address: arc.lbsg.net

On this server, Lifeboat's old games have been revived and because of this, players are able to play Spleef, Hot Rock, Blitz and Eightballs and Walls again.

One in the Chamber[edit]

IP Address: oic.lbsg.net

A good old battle in an arena! Bows deal one hit kills, and the player has limited lives. The player has one arrow at start and will receive one more every time they kill someone. The player with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins.

Crash on Planet X[edit]

IP address: copx.lbsg.net

As they play, players will follow clues and journey throughout Planet X. Players fight "aliens" as they head towards their main goal of trying to get back to Earth!

Lifeboat City[edit]

IP address: lbc.lbsg.net

Lifeboat City is a Game dedicated to people who like roleplay. You can join 7+ jobs, these will deliver money. You can also ride bikes, busses, cars and airplanes.

Block Party[edit]

IP address: bp.lbsg.net

In block party, all players start on a big field made out of colorful wool blocks. A color gets randomly selected and then players have to get on the announced color before all other colors disappear. The Game also has effects such as Speed or Jump boosts.