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An image of all featured Servers in the Bedrock Edition
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition.

Featured servers are community servers for Bedrock Edition, which are partnered with Mojang Studios and are accessible from the in-game server list. In the console versions, they are the only servers accessible besides Realms. Although the Bedrock Edition lacks the Mini Games of the Legacy Console Edition, featured servers can have their own minigames to play online. Featured servers require an Xbox Live account[1] and have no fee to join. However, they have microtransactions that can be purchased from their own sections of the Marketplace.

Featured servers were first added as part of 1.2.0, the Better Together Update. There are currently five featured servers, and Mojang plans to add more in the future. Server owners with registered business identities can apply for the partner program. Mojang provides partnered servers with backend support.[1]

List of featured servers[edit]

Server Address Languages Location(s) Chat hiding Website
Mineville City play.inpvp.net Uses the player's language setting: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish North America Chat can be disabled with Minecraft's mute option. This also hides all in-chat server messages. InPvP: Mineville City
Lifeboat Network play.lbsg.net English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian (select in client or using the /lang command.) North America, Europe, Asia Option to "Mute Chat", which also hides all in-chat server messages, even those important to gameplay. Lifeboat Network: Minecraft PE Server
Mineplex play.mineplex.com Selectable only from the menu room, or auto detected from the player's language setting, in this order: English, Danish, German, French (Canada), French (France), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Swedish, Romanian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Russian, Finnish, Croatian, Polish, Japanese North America Public chat can be turned off in the options. Home - Mineplex
CubeCraft Games mco.cubecraft.net English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian (Select in client). Europe The ability to receive chat can be toggled in the player settings. Bedrock Edition - CubeCraft Games
The Hive geo.hivebedrock.network Uses the player's language setting: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Mexican Spanish North America, Europe, Asia Chat can be turned off in the Server Settings. Hive Bedrock Edition


Xbox Live is a social network for gamers, and featured servers require the player to have a gamertag. The player can Add, Mute, Block or Report Players from the pause menu. The server partners work with a team of volunteers to keep an eye out for bad behavior, including bullying and cheating, and help report issues. Each server partner includes their own expanded word filter list to make their server experience friendly for all ages. At Mojang's request, the official server partners – CubeCraft, Mineville City, Lifeboat, Hive, and Mineplex – have removed private messaging, including the /tell command, to allow more thorough moderation across all parts of the server.[2]


Bedrock Edition
June 11, 2017Featured servers have been announced, with CubeCraft, InPVP, Lifeboat, and Mineplex as the first partners.
1.2.0beta servers section has now been added as part of the new server list. At first, Mojang had not yet added any of the servers, and the section displayed the text "Coming Soon".
beta, Lifeboat, and Mineplex have now been added as featured servers. Their sections of the Marketplace are not yet online, despite there being a button in the pause menu to access them.
beta InPvP, Lifeboat, and Mineplex Stores in the Marketplace are now operational.
1.2.5beta game no longer applies the hardcoded chat filter on featured servers. Servers still use their own chat filters.
MINECON Earth 2017The Hive has been announced as an upcoming featured server.
1.2.16CubeCraft has now been added as a featured server.
1.6.0?Added featured servers to the Nintendo Switch.
1.7.0beta Hive has now been added as a featured server.

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